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Buy, build, remodel or refinance. What are you going to do?

Buying or expanding your business location is a smart way to create stability and increase your capital. Every renovation or extension adds value to your property and gives you the space you need to streamline your business activities.

A business mortgage is the financial solution for Your plans. A smart purchase can not only create a stable basis for Your company, but also provide tax benefits.

Business mortgages made simple

A business mortgage is by nature a fairly complex product. After all, every company is unique. In corporate banking, we understand that. That is why we have worked hard to make commercial mortgages transparent and simple.

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Maximum loan amount

Your business must have sufficient cash flow to obtain a business mortgage. How much can you borrow?

Benefits of a business mortgage

What can you take out a business mortgage for?

A business mortgage is what you are looking for for both the purchase and renovation of real estate that partly or completely has a business purpose.

  • Office building
  • Commercial real estate
  • House for rent
  • Agricultural and building land
  • Shop and showroom
  • Warehouse
  • Factory and warehouse
  • Business park
  • Restaurant, bar and cafe
  • Hotel
  • Semi-commercial real estate

How much can I borrow?

Depending on the financial health of your business, you can usually borrow 70-80% of the value of the business property.

Maximum loan amount
80% of the value of the commercial property

What will the financing cost?

1. Interest charges

Borrowing for a business property is already possible from 2.7% interest. This makes this loan form extremely cost-efficient. In addition, the interest costs you incur are deductible.

For large commercial real estate ($ 1.5 mln) you usually get financing under 3% interest. SMEs can count on an interest rate between 3.5% and 6.5%.

usual interest business mortgage
for SME entrepreneurs.
Transfer tax
$ 750
Property appraisal
$ 1,000

2. Take out extra costs with a business mortgage

Buying real estate entails costs, even when it comes to business premises. When purchasing you take into account transfer tax and notary fees.

Are you not buying the property entirely with your own resources, but are you taking out a business mortgage? Then you also pay for a valuation report and closing costs.

3. Annual recurring costs

Borrowing money usually does not entail annually recurring costs. But owning a business property does. Think of property tax ( property tax ), home insurance and maintenance . Take these costs into account before you take out a business mortgage.

Are you buying a business property with a value of less than $ 230,000? In that case, the property may be eligible for the small-scale investment allowance (KIA).

What is the term of a business mortgage?

You choose that yourself. The minimum term is 5 years, most lenders have a maximum term of 20 years .

Lenders apply a maximum term of 10 years for a renovation.

Maximum duration of purchase of commercial property
20 years
Maximum duration of renovation
10 years

Repay early

With most providers, we can negotiate the ability to solve before maturity without penalty on the business hyoptheek.

Penalty early or extra repayments is an ideal way to reduce interest charges if your company has extra money available. At the same time, the option of penalty-free early repayment ensures that you can choose an appropriate term where you can comfortably bear the monthly repayment. A bit of flexibility that is greatly appreciated by many companies.

If you apply for a business mortgage through Business Financing, we compare the options of 80+ providers. Moreover, we have access to financiers where you cannot directly apply an application, such as institutional investors and investment funds. This way we can always guarantee you the lowest interest and the best conditions. And fast handling. With us, Your business hyoptheek is completed within 2 - 4 weeks .

Business mortgage example

A trading company is looking for larger business premises with which to expand their warehouse capacity. Because of their good financial position, they want to buy their next one building. The property costs $ 800,000 that they have in mind.

The company has a contribution of $ 260,000 , and they want to obtain a mortgage for the remaining $ 560,000. The entrepreneur wants to pay off the mortgage in 20 years.

Depending on the financial position of the company and the marketability of the real estate, we can arrange a 20-year business mortgage without any problems. After considering all 81 providers we compare, we are able to negotiate an interest rate of 3.5% , with a one-off closing fee of 0.75% .

At the request of the customer, we add the closing costs to the mortgage, in order to keep the own contribution as low as possible.

2.5 weeks after the first contact moment, the mortgage is signed, the loan amount has been deposited into the account and the property can be transferred.

The following month, the company starts with the monthly payment of $ 3,272.13 per month .

Business mortgage
Purchase price $ 800,000
Mortgage $ 560,000
LTV 70%
Total mortgage amount
Loan amount mortgage $ 560,000
Closing costs - 0.75% $ 4,200
Total mortgage $ 564,200
Monthly payment $ 3,272.13
Duration 20 years

You call it commercial real estate - we call it financeable.

Borrowing business money increasingly difficult? That's right. But a business mortgage is slightly different from a regular loan. You have a commercial property as collateral - a real estate object that is worth more than the mortgage amount you need.

And should a business property be financed by the bank despite the collateral? Then there are usually ample opportunities through alternative channels - think of alternative (non-bank) financiers, institutional investors, crowdfunding, or through our network of wealthy individuals.

Curious about what type of business mortgage offers the best conditions and lowest interest rate for you?

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