Business mortgage interest rate compare February 2021

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The minimum purchase price is $ 50,000


Own contribution must be at least 20% of the purchase price


Interest rates compare

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Real estate type One-off costs

Breakdown of one-off costs

Agency fees
Closing costs
Notary fees
$ 1000
Appraisal costs
$ 750

This is an indicative rate based on information from our partners and our experience with previous request. Contact us to receive an accurate interest rate estimate based on Your business situation and mortgage application.

Monthly charges

The monthly repayment is calculated on the basis of an annuity mortgage, whereby you repay a fixed amount per month. That amount consists of interest and repayment.

business mortgage interest accrual

The business mortgage interest is made up of 3 variables.

Storage risk
The financier runs a risk that you can no longer do the payment obligation. A risk surcharge is charged for this. The more risky the loan, the higher the surcharge.

Fixed storage
The financier incurs costs that are included in the interest rate. Consider the costs of personnel and computer systems.

Basic interest
This is the rate at which the lender can buy money. Usually the US LIBOR is used for this.

Background of interest rates business mortgage

Interest rates can vary depending on several different factors. The main variables to consider are:

  • Loan amount
  • Duration
  • Loan-to-value ratio (LTV)
  • Circumstances and industry in which Your company operates
  • Financial health of your company, and to what extent the repayment obligation can be met

If you have an established and stable business, you usually benefit from a more favorable interest rate. In addition, interest rates for a business mortgage are generally lower if you purchase the business premises for your own use, in contrast to a business mortgage for business premises for rent.

The mortgage interest on a commercial property for personal use varies from 2.7% to 7%. Interest rates of 3.5% to 6.5% are most common for small and medium-sized businesses.

Business properties that are purchased as an investment usually involve a marginally higher risk, which is reflected in a small increase in the commercial mortgage interest rate on investment real estate.

Fixed or variable interest

Business mortgage rates can be fixed or variable. Many mortgage lenders price each fixed-rate business mortgage individually, which means that a direct quotation is usually not possible.

Every mortgage lender uses different percentages and terms against which the interest can be fixed. In that case, a business mortgage broker can give you the best advice for fixed vs. variable and the term of the fixed interest, if you opt for a fixed interest.

fixed corporate mortgage interest

Due to the current extremely low interest rates, it is common to fix interest rates from 1 to 10 years.

In exceptional cases it is possible to use a longer fixed-rate period.

variable corporate mortgage interest

The variable mortgage interest on commercial real estate is determined by banks on the basis of the US LIBOR (USD Interbank Offered Rate).

The rate at which banks can purchase money from other banks and money institutions.

US LIBOR rates 1999 - present

At the moment US LIBOR is negative, allowing banks to raise money on very favorable terms. The low US LIBOR in combination with the low risk profile of commercial real estate results in very favorable corporate mortgage rates at the moment.

Calculate the costs of your business mortgage yourself? This is possible here: calculate a business mortgage .

business mortgage interest rates compare

A commercial property usually entails other interest rates than financing, for example, large commercial real estate or a house for rent. The type of property you want to finance is part of the risk analysis of Your mortgage application.

You can roughly assume the next one percentages per type of commercial real estate.


office or business premises


residential house for rental


large real estate (> $ 1.5 million)



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