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Mortgage business premises request?

application via Business Financing. and do?

Buying, building, renovating or refinancing business premises. What are you going to do with your mortgage?

Buying or expanding your business premises is a smart way to create stability and increase your capital. Every renovation or extension adds value to your business premises and gives you the space you need to streamline your business activities. A smart purchase can not only create a stable basis for Your company, but also provide tax benefits.

Commercial mortgages have become much more accessible nowadays due to the offer of alternative financiers. For example, we have 81 financiers in our network.

In addition to major banks, we work with alternative financiers, crowdfunding platforms, institutional investors, small investment funds and wealthy individuals. Almost every business property can be financed. Curious what we can do for you?

Mortgage for commercial buildings made simple

A business mortgage is by nature a fairly complex product. After all, every company is unique. In corporate banking, we understand that. That is why we have worked hard to make commercial mortgages transparent and simple.

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Information & background

Check the most important information to make a successful mortgage application for Your business property.

What can you take out a business mortgage for?

You can finance both the purchase and the renovation of real estate that has a partly or fully commercial purpose with a business mortgage.

In principle, all business premises can be financed with a business mortgage. What exactly falls under a commercial property? You can check that in the right row.

  • Office building
  • Commercial real estate
  • House for rent
  • Agricultural and building land
  • Shop and showroom
  • Warehouse
  • Factory and warehouse
  • Business park
  • Restaurant, bar and cafe
  • Hotel
  • Semi-commercial real estate

How much can I borrow?

Depending on the financial health and stability of your business, you can borrow 70-80% of the value of the property.

A maximum mortgage of 50-60% of the value of the business premises applies to companies with less good creditworthiness.

Maximum loan amount
80% of the value of the commercial property

What is the usual term for a mortgage for a commercial property?

You choose the term of the commercial mortgage yourself. The minimum term is 1 year with most lenders, and a maximum term of 20 years is used.

A maximum term of 10 years applies for a renovation.

Maximum duration of purchase of commercial property
20 years
Maximum duration of renovation
10 years

Business is booming? You can make early repayments without penalty

With most providers we can stipulate the possibility to make extra or early repayments without penalty .

Penalty early or extra repayments is an ideal way to reduce interest costs if your company has extra financial resources available. At the same time, the option of penalty-free early repayment ensures that you can choose an appropriate term where you can comfortably bear the monthly repayment. A bit of flexibility that is greatly appreciated by many companies.

If you apply for a business mortgage through Business Financing, we compare the options of 81 providers, weighing the benefits and costs against each other. This way we can always guarantee you the lowest interest and the best conditions. And fast handling. With us, Your business hyoptheek is completed within 2 - 4 weeks .

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