‘$1,750’ has all of South Atlanta talking about new artist Ross Taxin




Clayton County has another force on its hands with buzzing artist Ross Taxin releasing his first music video of the year featuring legendary mixtape host DJ Trap-A-Holics.

This is arguably one of the most organic music videos Ross Taxin has released this year. In fact, a huge label budget wasn’t even necessary to prepare for this production. Ross Taxin receives a letter stating that he must report to his probation office. Once he’s finished, Ross returns home and shoots a music video in his “hood” detailing the latest happenings on the “south side”.

Ross Taxin wanted to give a special shout out to legendary host Trap-A-Holics (@trap.a.holics), and the song’s producer, longtime friend, Bunk (@heyybunk), and video director, Hunter Simich (@huntersimichimages). He says without them none of this would have happened and they believed in him when not everyone else did after his arrest in 2019.

The inspiration for the video comes from former 1017 artist Ola Runt. “Big bro always shot his videos in the hood. I didn’t have any green screen connections or thousand dollar stabilizers or any of that high quality stuff.” Even when it comes to the recording process, Ross Taxin says he would prefer an intimate home studio to a professional commercial studio anytime.

In a rap game full of gimmicks, new listeners are relieved to finally be able to rest their eyes on a refreshingly entertaining artist who can deliver the flair, flow and excitement with his music but with far less antics. Ross Taxin can be hilarious and offer comic relief in a bar, then turn around and deliver a chilling, introspective rhyme about his past incarceration. The unpredictability of his cadence and rhythm will keep fans engaged not only with his song, but also with his promising career.


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