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Need money quickly? There are times when quick access to business credit is critical to leveraging an opportunity that arises to generate additional ROI or resolve unexpected business emergencies. Fortunately, there are lenders who can help you today. You will receive an answer within minutes how much you can borrow and the money can usually be transferred to Your account the same day.

Many companies, large and small, depend on a loan to finance their growth or to finance part of their business. Emergency financing is common with:

  1. Faulty equipment
    if your business relies on specialized equipment or machinery, every hour that you cannot use the equipment costs money. Whether it is a pizza oven for your restaurant or a machine that plays an integral role in your production process, it is crucial to act quickly to get your business processes up and running again.
  2. Unexpected opportunities to generate additional sales
    Not all surprises are bad news. Do you unexpectedly land a large project, but do you need capital to start the project? Does your supplier offer discounts for a special temporary promotion or bulk purchase? Whatever opportunity you have to increase your sales, it is important to act quickly and you cannot afford to wait weeks for a response from your bank.
  3. Growth bottlenecks
    Many entrepreneurs welcome growth, but sometimes growth comes with unexpected costs. You grow out of your current business premises and you need a large deposit for the rent of the new building. You incur extra costs when hiring staff such as training costs and office furniture, or you incur higher lawyer costs when discovering new markets. As an entrepreneur you cannot foresee all costs, certainly not in the case of rapid growth.
  4. Maintenance costs of a building
    Do you work from an older building? Then it is not surprising to experience problems now and then, such as sewerage problems, electrical problems or other problems that buildings cause. Exposing drains to the street, or replacing a roof, can quickly add up - something you may not have foreseen with your current cash flow.

Regardless of what Your reason is, there are possibilities for every company.

A traditional loan can take up to 4 weeks to complete, but with our comparison you can easily borrow online within 24 hours. Also for entrepreneurs with a bad creditworthiness or BKR registration.

When comparing, pay close attention to whether the interest rate is an annual or a monthly basis. This is confusing for many entrepreneurs and can have a major effect on costs.

What are your options?

We work with various lenders where you can quickly get a business loan, from € 1,000 to € 250,000. However, it is more common for small amounts up to € 50,000, which are often repaid within 1 year.

There are several providers who can lend money quickly, within 24 hours. This makes your options quite flexible. It is quite easy to qualify. You do not need annual figures. Only an export of the bank transactions of the past 6 months, that is enough to assess Your application.

The loan amount is paid in one go and is on your account the same or the next one day. You repay the loan in monthly installments, so that you know where you stand and can plan your finances properly.

Interest, term and wage bill: You should pay attention to this if you need business credit quickly

Due to the extremely fast payout, lenders often charge a higher interest rate. They do not have time to do extensive checks and controls Prior to. A lender does not know exactly how creditworthy you are, and therefore takes a higher risk.

As a result, you pay more interest. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for you to qualify for a loan. The borrowing process is quite simple and no extensive paperwork or complicated guarantees are required.

Loan interest rates vary widely, from 8% to 46%, depending on the term, loan amount and your creditworthiness.

A realistic and average percentage for an emergency loan is 12% - 24%.

Interest on a monthly basis

Normally an interest rate is communicated on an annual basis, for example 10% per year. This means that you pay 10 percent interest over the term of 1 year. Do you borrow € 10,000? Then you pay € 1,000 in interest.

Because fast business credit is usually repaid within 12 months (or even faster), lenders often communicate an interest on a monthly basis. For example 1.5% per month. This means that the lender charges 1.5% interest every month . On an annual basis, this amounts to 18% (1.5% per month x 12 months).

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Can I still receive the loan today?

Hell yes. The business loan can still be deposited today.

  1. With most providers in our comparison, you can complete Your application within 5 minutes.
  2. You will then receive a proposal with interest rate and costs within 1 - 2 hours.
  3. Do you agree? Then you sign the agreement digitally
  4. With an urgent transfer, the money is transferred to Your business account. The money will be in your account within 1 - 4 hours.

In most cases, it is no problem to receive the money in your account today. Do you do Your application in the afternoon? Then the money will probably be in your account the next morning, because banks such as Grow, Sprout Bancorp and PIG BANK no longer process transfers after certain times (usually working hours).

From which providers can you quickly borrow business money?

Qeld, Swishfund and BridgeFund are a few examples of providers where you can have access to money within 24 hours.

Use our comparison tool for an overview of all providers and the interest they charge.

What is the best fast business credit provider?

With our comparison tool, you will receive a personalized offer from all providers of fast business credit within 5 minutes. That is the only way to determine the best provider for Your situation.

The best provider for fast credit depends on your loan amount and loan goal.

Some providers charge fixed costs, so borrowing a small amount from them is not advantageous. But with a high loan amount, they are advantageous because of a lower interest rate.

Compare all providers of fast business credit

Whether you just want to orientate or take out a business loan immediately, compare always pays off. It takes you 5 minutes and saves you a lot. Even if you are in a less good financial position, there are providers who want to help you. Borrowing money without BKR assessment or borrowing without annual figures is no problem.