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The minimum purchase price is € 50,000


Own contribution must be at least 20% of the purchase price


Interest rates compare

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Real estate type One-off costs

Breakdown of one-off costs

Agency fees
Closing costs
Notary fees
€ 1000
Appraisal costs
€ 750

This is an indicative rate based on information from our partners and our experience with previous request. Contact us to receive an accurate interest rate estimate based on Your business situation and mortgage application.

Monthly charges

The monthly repayment is calculated based on an annuity mortgage, where you repay a fixed amount per month. That amount consists of interest and repayment.

Get the lowest interest guaranteed?

Interest rates of a business mortgage depend on Your business profile and the value and location of the business premises. A mortgage is therefore tailor-made. Every financier will want to view Your annual accounts and need information about the property before they can submit an offer.

It is therefore best to submit Your application to various financiers. Finally, you can have the financiers who submit a quotation bid against each other to negotiate a benefit of one or two tenths of a percentage point. This can be a time-consuming process, but usually rewarding, because a tenth of a percentage point can make a difference of thousands of euros in interest costs.

For many entrepreneurs, it pays to get help from a business finance expert, they have opportunities that you as an entrepreneur cannot access, and can usually negotiate better terms and interest rates through their experience.

For example, our real estate partner has a direct network of 81 financiers. In addition to banks and online lenders, they can also deposit Your application with institutional investors such as pension funds and insurers, or with their network of wealthy individuals. If you are interested, you can contact them via the contact link below.

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What rates can you expect?

Interest rates vary depending on a number of factors. The main variables are:

  • Loan amount ( higher loan = lower interest rate)
  • Duration (shorter period = lower percentage)
  • The loan to value ratio ( LTV ) (low LTV = lower interest)
  • the circumstances and industry in which Your company operates
  • the financial health of your company, and to what extent the repayment obligation can be met

The interest on a commercial property for personal use varies from 2.7% to a maximum of 7%. As an SME you can expect rates from 3.5% to 6.5%.

A commercial property that is not entirely intended for own use, but is partly rented out, entails a marginally higher risk. This is reflected in a small increase in the corporate mortgage interest rate on investment real estate.

Interest and repayment of a business mortgage

Other factors such as a fixed-interest period (from 1 year) can already make the costs of a business mortgage higher or lower. Read carefully before you do Your application, and then go to the bank or alternative lenders to get a better indication of the interest and the costs you will have to pay when taking out the business mortgage.

On our website you will find information and advice, and you can also easily compare. You can of course always contact us without obligation with your questions about a business mortgage or other business mortgages.

The maximum period or term of a business mortgage is usually 20 years, and in any case at least 1 year. The repayment of the business mortgage takes place on a linear or annuity basis and takes place per month. Do you want to repay more or less? It depends on the bank whether you pay extra costs for this. Are you applying for a business mortgage from an alternative financier? Then extra or early repayment is almost possible without extra costs.

It is important to take into account an application time of 2-4 weeks.

Accrual of interest on a business mortgage

The interest on a business mortgage is made up of 3 variables.

Storage risk

The financier runs the risk that you will no longer be able to pay the mortgage. They charge a risk premium for this. The more risky the loan is for the financier, the higher the surcharge.

Fixed storage

The financier incurs costs that are included in the interest rate. Consider the costs of personnel and computer systems.

Basic interest

This is the rate at which the financier can purchase money. The base rate is derived from the US LIBOR (European Interbank Rate).

Let us help you find the lowest interest rate

We compare 81 providers from 2.75% interest. Including providers where you cannot directly apply an application, such as institutional investors, small funds and investment companies. 2-4 weeks and your business mortgage is ready, guaranteed on the best terms.