5 albums I can’t live without: Laura Jane Grace


Last name Laura jane grace

Best known for My sense of humor and my comedic timing.

Current City Chicago, Illinois

Really want to be in In my experience no matter where I go there I am. Every place is what you make of it. I would just like to be with my family and friends. It is the best place to be.

Thrilled by I’m excited to get out on the road and play shows. Have now released full LP and EP during the pandemic. Lots of new songs to play live for the first time and also a lot of old songs to play that feel new again too!

My current music collection has a lot of Variety! I listen to everything !

And a little bit of I don’t know how to answer this question. I just have a lot of recordings.

You wouldn’t expect me to listen I have no idea what you would and wouldn’t want me to listen to. This thought never occurs to me while enjoying music. Are you telling me what you wouldn’t expect me to listen to?

preferred format I prefer vinyls and cassettes and streaming. I still have a few CDs, but most of them have been deleted. I like to collect vinyl records and I like to collect cassettes. Cassettes were my first medium that I bought music on, so I will always love cassettes because of that. Streaming just works for the convenience when traveling. I wish I could bring a box of vinyl records with me on long flights, but that probably wouldn’t be practical.

5 albums that I can’t live without


me, Jonathan, Jonathan richman

If you’re feeling down and want an album that will cheer you up and make you feel less lonely, put on me, Jonathan. The album is pure. Jonathan Richman is pure. No pretense at all and he is absolutely right, we need more parties in the US.


Tracy Chapman, Tracy chapman

It was the first real protest album I have ever heard. My mom listened to this album constantly when it was released in 1988. My family had just moved overseas to Italy, my dad was in the military, so my world was opening up to so many new perspectives and experiences and this album was. The original band. awakening. I’ll never forget sitting in the backseat of the family car staring out the window at Vesuvius while “Fast Car” played on the stereo.


New York, Lou reed

I first heard this album when I was 19 or 20 and had just moved to Gainesville, Florida which is pretty much the farthest place in NYC where you can be when you establish a connection with an album titled and titled New York. Something resonated though, something beyond the fact that it’s a perfect album. From front to back, no hiccups. In my opinion, this album is the pinnacle of Lou Reed’s lyric writing ability and has always been a bar that I have measured myself against.


Snuff Movie For Teens, Rowland S. Howard

I kind of worked backwards to discover the music of Rowland S. Howard. I was already a Nick Cave fan, then I became a fan of Birthday Party, the former Cave band of which Rowland S. Howard was the original guitarist. When I discovered Howard’s solo music I was mad at Nick Cave for at least a year, I blamed Nick Cave’s fame for eclipsing Rowland’s music as if Nick Cave should have been more candid with all of us and let everyone know, “Hey, you know that thing I tried to do on all those Bad Seeds records? Well, actually Rowland S. Howard already perfected it with the Teenage Snuff Film album “. NOBODY will ever write lyrics filled with more regret, desire, anguish and rage to live. The recordings completely serve the songs and I love the sound of Rowland’s guitar Fender Jaguar in a Fender Twin Reverb There’s nothing I would change about the album, including the inclusion of the Billy Idol cover “White Wedding”.


Battery, A giant dog

In my opinion, A Giant Dog is the best punk band currently active in the United States and Sabrina Ellis is the most dynamic punk singer currently working on stage. AND, in my opinion, Pile is the best punk album released in the last ten years. You can feel the energy of their shows through these recordings. But it’s not just their performances, the band can write songs, they have melodies for days. The songs are fun, clever, original and catchy as hell. I’ve always wanted to be in a band as good as A Giant Dog.


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