A group of acapella singers offered music for Valentine’s Day


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Cair Paravel’s acapella group has given Topeka businesses a heartfelt gift.

“It’s probably 25 or 26 years of singing Valentine’s Day in the community every Valentine’s Day. We have about a group of 20 acapella singers in two different directions, so two groups of ten and they deliver to pretty much every business in town,” Music Director, Mark Congdon.

One stop was at SoHo Interiors, where the manager planned a surprise gift for someone special, the gift also meant something to her.

“I was again truly blessed to be part of the madrigals from grades 9 through 12 and riding around town on Valentine’s Day was the highlight of the year,” Angie Varney told SoHo Interiors.

Congdon says customer feedback is invaluable…

“We get a wide variety of reactions from super embarrassed to terrified to people breaking down in tears, mostly tears of joy and it’s special for kids to be able to see that reaction and realize that they can bring joy to people they don’t have ‘I don’t even know it just by singing love songs,’ he said.

He says the gift of music can be more meaningful than flowers and a box of chocolates.

“There is something very personal that I think about the face to face interaction we get with our customers, and especially when you hear beautiful melodies and harmonies, it seems to reach a place that is not reached by you. know candy or flowers. I think there’s something special about singing Valentine’s Day the way we do,” he said.

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