Album Review: Anna Sun – Extended Play


Album Review: Anna Sun - Extended Play

A harrowing groovy journey

A three-member band producing dreamy indie and pop-rock music, Anna Sun recently released their debut EP, Extended game. The band consists of lead singer and vocalist Samantha Aneson, bassist Andrew Shewaga and drummer Nikola Balac. Their album takes the listener on a journey through love, grief and loss while establishing their groovy bass riffs, strong vocals and rhythm guitar.

“For Better” features a groovy 80s-influenced guitar line. The vocals then join in and sing a sour breakup. Aneson’s voice is deep and full, and she allows her bitter emotions to shine through her tone. The steady bass and groovy guitar keep the song full of energy, even if the lyrics are a little sad. The song ends with a long vocal outro and a simplistic accompaniment again featuring Aneson’s vocals.

The next track, “What a Shame,” is a somewhat nerve-wracking breakup song. The gritty electric guitar sets the sour, angry tone of the song, and the lyrics continue this trend with lines like “I don’t feel anything, and nothing is real”. These dark sentiments are soon followed by a rhythmic chorus where drums and guitar keep the song upbeat, but the lyrics remain angry.

Track four, “Mr. Midnight,” moves the album forward with groovy rhythm guitar and prominent basslines. This song is less angsty and more relaxed due to the combination of the calmer lyrics and the lack of drums. , until one minute and 30 seconds when it resumes. This song radiates confidence, as Aneson sings asking someone to come home with her. Beneath the vocals, drums and guitar accompany the rest of the Although this track is less angry and focused on breaking up, they maintain their sound with electric guitar grooves and driving bass and drums.

The fifth track, “One Room Away”, begins with an echoing guitar riff and quiet drums. In it, Aneson sings about recovering from a breakup. With this song’s laid-back accompaniment, her vocals can shine as listeners hear her distinct tone and layered harmonies. It’s the most relaxed song on the album, but they retain their sound with its signature vocals and accompanying guitar riffs.

The album’s final track, “Weak,” brings back the upbeat rhythm guitar grooves and bouncy basslines to end the album as it began. This song has the most uplifting lyrics: describing the feelings of falling in love again. Watching this track over others emphasizes the thematic material of the album, exploring the complex journey of love, loss and reconnection.

On Anna Sun’s latest album, Extended game, they create a full narrative and explore the emotions that follow every step of love through their tasteful backing and groovy guitar riffs, angry drums, bouncy basslines, and soulful lyrics. The listener is taken on a personal journey through the complex variety of lovingly experienced emotions.



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