Amics Consulting Group announces the launch of a music distribution platform


Amics Music Distribution will help artists bring their work directly to audiences around the world.

NEW YORK, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amics Consulting Group, also known as Amics Digital Solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new music distribution platform, Amics Music Distribution.

Amics Digital Solutions is an experienced marketing agency with powerful human resources in creativity and development. The company offers a host of competitive and quality digital marketing solutions for businesses, including social media management, Google/TikTok Ads, Facebook/Instagram campaign creation, email/SMS marketing, content and programmatic ads, to name a few. Since its creation more than four years ago, the company has worked with nearly 130 satisfied customers and 320 projects delivered.

In the latest company news, Amics Consulting Group has launched a game-changing music distribution platform, Amics Music Distribution. The platform is specially designed for music artists looking for comprehensive and effective music marketing services from industry professionals.

“Amics Music Distribution Services puts your music in front of millions of fans and listeners across all your favorite streaming platforms and digital stores, like Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, TikTok, and more,” says the CEO and Founder of Amics Digital Solutions, Danny Silverio. “Similarly, Amics Distribution’s video distribution services let you upload your videos to Vevo, Amazon Video, TIDAL, Apple Music, and more from one convenient platform.”

Through Amics Music Distribution, we have a wide range of impactful services to offer our talented artist clients, including:

  • Music distribution, streaming music and videos directly to over 200 streaming platforms, while allowing artists to collect 100% of their revenue worldwide
  • Personalized and professional customer service
  • Playlist for easy presentation of releases for expert-curated playlists and editorial opportunities
  • Music publishing to administer, record and license compositions, as well as collecting publishing royalties on behalf of the artist
  • Real-time reports to manage music, revenue and data
  • Brand and media partnerships by working closely with brands such as the NFL, Collective Brewing, Crook & Marker, etc.
  • Payment slips courtesy of Payee, with artists able to invite collaborators and assign royalty percentages on individual assets

While Amics Music Distribution is the ultimate service for artists, Amics Group can offer dynamic and personalized digital marketing solutions to all e-commerce brands, liquor manufacturers and distributors, and CPG brands that would benefit from a team bilingual with over 10 years of experience. .

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About Amics Consulting Group

Amics Consulting Group was founded by four immigrants/sons of immigrants from BronxNY and Dominican Republic. Danny Silverio is the CEO, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, and steve arias is co-founder and head of customer success. Both members have never forgotten their roots throughout their rise to success and always strive to make their families proud.

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