Beaux Atkins released their latest album “Redfearn”


Author: Alicia Parker

‘Redfearn’, the exclusive album was released by prolific musician Beaux Atkins. The outstanding soundtrack created a buzz among everyone.

Pbackground musician Beautiful Atkins reaches more listeners with its outstanding music tracks. This artist captivated all listeners by delivering intense soundscapes. The deep lyrics and magnificent music of them have accumulated many listeners. He is an independent artist who likes to make music on his own. He composes, sings and produces the songs all by himself. This extremely talented artist has shown his talent by delivering versatile art objects enriched with all the fascinating traits. This artist shared his latest album, named redfearnand attract a lot of attention.

Join the musical ballad with this prolific artist as he continuously delivers engaging soundtracks. His latest album has reached a potential audience all over the world. The Scrapbook ‘Redfearn’ is made with outstanding soundtracks that have caught the attention of all audiences. Some commendable tracks from this album are ‘Jesus Is On My Side’, ‘Put Me In My Right Mind’, ‘Had To Let It Go’ and ‘Redfearn’. All the tracks are very different from each other and generate a refreshing vibe with each other. Listen to his songs on Spotify and Youtube. Other than that, follow Beautiful Atkins on instagram and Facebook to learn more about his upcoming projects.

Listen to this album by clicking on the link below:

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