Best songs by Eurovision Song Contest artists in 2021: 50 to 41


The end of 2021 is fast approaching. And that means one thing – the return of Yearly countdown to Team Wiwi’s best tracks.

As usual, the wiwibloggs team voted for their favorite new songs released in 2021 by the stars of Eurovision Song Contest.

A few notes before starting:

  • Songs that were selected for Eurovision or that made it to the national finals were excluded (they were analyzed to death in our jury reviews)
    • However, the other new VICTORIA songs released as potential Eurovision entries were eligible for voting as it was not a formal national final (and they were not included in our account at countdown to the best final national songs).
  • At least one singer of the song must have competed in Eurovision as part of the main act to be eligible
    • Acts that had been chosen for Eurovision 2020 but had not been reselected for the 2021 competition were still included in the vote

After reviewing over 1000 songs over the course of the year, we finally picked our top 50 – it wasn’t easy. And now we are ready to share it with all of you. We will be releasing ten tracks a day until New Years Eve, as we end the year.

Which song will enter our Hall of Fame?

Let the countdown begin!

Best Team Wiwi Songs by Eurovision Song Contest Artists in 2021: 50-41

50. Maxine Pace (feat. Destiny, Michela & Gaia Cauchi) – “Skin Deep”

What we said: Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta still has an abundance of musical talent. And now four of the island’s young singers have come together for a mega collaboration. Maxine Pace, finalist of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017, released the single “Skin Deep” for the first time in August of this year. A ballad full of emotion on self-love, Maxine released a new version alongside Destiny (Eurovision 2021, Junior Eurovision 2015), Michela (Eurovision 2019) and Gaia Cauchi (Junior Eurovision 2013). The four young women wonder if their lovers will stay with them forever, even if their bodies change with age. But these questions can also arise for ourselves and the song is an important reminder to love yourself no matter what your body might be like. (Jonathan)

Top previous songs (Michela): “Cannonball” (# 22 in 2019)

49. Francesca Michielin – “Nei tuoi occhi”

What we said: Francesca Michielin’s new single premiered for Italian film Marilyn ha gli occhi neri (Marilyn has black eyes). “Nei tuoi occhi” (“In Your Eyes”) layers the light and airy voice of the 2016 Eurovision Songwriter over an almost ethereal production that makes the listener seem like floating. Francesca sings about the power her lover gives her to express herself: “You give me a voice every day / So I can scream them all / Like a rocket that bursts in my heart / You give me the voice to say / That everything must be Finished “. (Jonathan)

Top previous songs: “MONOLOCALE” (# 32 in 2020), “Bolivia” (# 44 in 2018), “Tropical” (# 48 in 2018), “Vulcano” (# 2 in 2017), “Un cuore in due” (# 46 in 2016)

48. Amaia – “Yo Invito”

What we said: Amia fans got a chance to hear her new single a little earlier than expected, after the music video for “Yo Invito” (“I Invite”) released a day before the official release. Rather calm in the verses, the chorus and the outro bring a more atmospheric production, including strings and backing vocals. The lyrics see the Spanish Eurovision 2018 star wondering where his life will go after a breakup: “I don’t know what I’m going to become / But I know that today I’m saying goodbye / I’m going to do you cross / I feel free but weird. (Jonathan)

Top previous songs: “El encuentro” (# 27 in 2020), “Un Nuevo Lugar” (# 26 in 2018)

47. VAL – “Пауза”

What we said: The Eurovision 2020 VAL contenders are back to release their first track of new music in about twelve months, with the exception of the NAVIBAND collaboration on the single “Volnyja sny” earlier this year. The Belarusian duo gave us more than just a simple one, they released their second EP, titled ауза (Pause). In this EP, they return to their more ambient dance style, similar to their first EP, оей омнате, and their Eurovision song “Da vidna”. (Renske)

46. ​​Anna Rossinelli – “Forever”

What we said: Swiss group Anna Rossinelli released the single “Forevermore”. The Eurovision 2011 group delivers a solid pop song. The verses have a slightly lower feel, but the chorus takes things in a more uplifting direction. This change in feeling goes hand in hand with the lyrics. During the verses, singer Anna explains how she used to hide from her problems. But in the chorus she decides to make her voice heard: “‘Because it’s not over / Until it’s over / But I burst and I scream / I won’t be silent forever / Oh, I don’t wait / I don’t need to be saved ”. (Jonathan)

Top previous songs: “Speechless” (# 31 in 2016), “King Mustafa” (# 43 in 2016), “Broken Hearted” (# 49 in 2016), “Bang Bang Bang” (# 50 in 2015), “Shine In The Light” (# 26 in 2014), “Let It Go” (# 11 in 2013)

45. Iveta Mukuchyan – “Mets Haykakan Harsaniq”

What we said: Weddings are a time of love and commitment between two people. But when it comes to the reception, it’s also a time to party – and it’s that feeling that Iveta Mukuchyan is tapping into for her new single. “Mets Haykakan Harsaniq” (“Great Armenian Wedding”) is an upbeat ethno-pop song fueled by post-chorus brass instrumental sections. For the backing clip, the Armenian Eurovision 2016 star leads an all-female alliance that performs for a male model room. This is interspersed with clips from actual weddings. (Jonathan)

Previous Most Popular Titles: “Hayastani Axjikner “(# 1 in 2018),” Rich Bitch “(# 23 in 2018),” Depi Nor Irakanutyun “(# 9 in 2017),” Hayastan Jan “(# 22 in 2017)

44. VICTORIA – “Phantom pain”

What we said: “It tells a painful story,” says the VICTORIA team. The lyrics suggest the song is about a breakup and the anxiety that ensues. As she sings, “Tired of wishing I could figure out why you would leave, now all I know is you’re my phantom pain.” The video gives us visuals showing the smeared makeup and the physical effects of the pain she is suffering. While very different from 2020’s “Tears Getting Sober,” “Phantom Pain” retains that atmospheric yet subtle sound that fans loved so much last time around. (Lucy)

Top previous songs: “Good.” (# 21 in 2020)

43. Blind channel – “Balboa”

What we said: Blind Channel reminds the world that their success with “Dark Side” was hardly a fluke as they release the music video for “Balboa”. The name refers to Rocky Balboa – the main character in the iconic Rocky film series which traces the rise of a fictional Italian-American boxer to the working class. The song tackles the terrain of pop thematically – it’s about standing up for yourself and using hate as fuel to kill. But guys make this theme shine by messing up the sound and the lyrics, “Every time you see me bleed it’s one step closer to my crown.” Yes, kings! (William)

42. Natlia Gordienko – “High heels”

What we said: While “Sugar” was more cheeky and playful, “High Heels” has a darker, more sultry tone helped by a much more aggressive production. Deep house rhythms weave their way through the chorus supercharged by swirling electronic production, while Natalia’s sultry vocals complete the mood. All that time spent working with the Dream Team has really paid off in creating some stylish pop bangers! Lyrically, the song is dripping with confidence. Natalia sings of her intense confidence and conviction. In this, she uses her beloved shoes as a metaphor for her power: “These high heels make it look like I’m flying.” (Nathalie)

41. Daði Freyr & ÁSDÍS – “Feel the love”

What we said: “Feel The Love” is a collaboration between Daði Freyr and his Icelandic compatriot ÁSDÍS. She may be familiar to fans of Söngvakeppnin – as Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir, she qualified for the Icelandic grand final in 2014 with “Amor”. The new version “Feel The Love” is a fun synth-pop track with an uplifting message. ÁSDÍS is aimed at those who are “Left to read / But no one reads you”. Like a fairy godmother in solidarity, she sings “Tell me why you don’t shine / When you are covered in diamonds”. The clip features Daði and ÁSDÍS in an unusual control room, watching a desperate janitor who is slowly regaining his rhythm. It’s a nice single that shows the other talents of Daði Freyr. (Robin)

Top previous songs: “Every moment is Christmas with you” (# 41 in 2020)

Our Top Tracks ranking for 2021 is determined by independent votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Jonathan, Renske, Oliver, Robyn, Tom, William, Cinan, Mario, Padraig and Josh.

Which songs do you think should be on our top tracks countdown? Are you surprised by our choices so far? Let us know in the comments.


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