BTS’s Jimin takes over the group’s April Fool’s Twitter account


BTS member Jimin took to social media to prank his bandmates and HYBE CEO Bang Si-hyuk for April Fool’s Day.

Today (April 1), Jimin took over the @BTS_twt Twitter account, which is shared by all seven members of the boyband. The K-pop idol changed the account’s cover photo and profile picture to photos of himself during a performance and as a baby, respectively, and even changed the display name of the account. account in “Jimin Park”.

The layout of the BTS_twt account for April Fool’s Day.

After fans noticed it, Jimin tweeted jokingly that he “don’t know how to put it back”. He added: “I just don’t.”

Besides Twitter, Jimin also changed his Instagram display photo to Bang Si-hyuk, founder of BTS Big Hit Music and HYBE label. Although he hasn’t changed his display name on Instagram, his bio now reads “Father of BTS.”

instagram layout bts jimin
BTS member Jimin also changes his personal Instagram account details

This isn’t the first time BTS members have switched shared accounts for April Fool’s Day. In 2018, the members changed the group layout to feature photos of Bang Si-hyuk and pretended to tweet like him multiple times.

The following year, members Suga and J-Hope changed their Twitter layout to feature photos of the two rappers. “DM us with any questions regarding the events! We are available to go anywhere in Korea! their bio read, archived by Koreaboo. “Korea is number one!” We are SOPE.

In other news, Bang Si-hyuk addressed fan concerns regarding the company’s planned NFT projects. In a new interview, the head of HYBE discussed the potential launch of artist-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs), addressing the backlash the company is facing from fans, which included threats to boycott the company.

“When we said we were going to pursue an NFT exchange, the market reacted with [an] enthusiastic reception, but the fans showed concern and sometimes aggressive reactions,” he noted. “All I would like to say to the fans is: as of now, we haven’t announced anything.”


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