Chlöe’s acting career goes hand in hand with her music


Chlöe Bailey was first introduced to the world as a singer alongside her sister Halle. The two went on to make hit songs as Chlöe x Halle and began appearing in on-screen roles as well. When Chlöe thinks about her acting career, she sees it as a way to enhance her musicality rather than hinder it.

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Chlöe rose to fame as a singer

Chlöe and Halle Bailey launched their careers in 2011 on their Youtube channel. They covered songs such as Beyoncé’s song “Best Thing I Never Had” and continued to appear on Ellen’s show the next year. They quickly won the Radio Disney contest The next big thing.

In 2013, they uploaded a cover of Beyoncé’s up-and-coming song “Pretty Hurts” from her hit self-titled album. The video put them both on Bey’s radar and they signed a deal with her label, Parkwood Entertainment. They would later appear in Beyoncé’s visual album in 2016 Lemonade and opened for Beyoncé on her training world tour later that year.

Chlöe x Halle release their first album The kids are fine in 2018. Their second album, unholy hour, released in 2020 to much acclaim. But the sisters have since embarked on their own solo careers: Halle has been busy filming Disney’s new live-action remake of The little Mermaidwhile Chlöe has built her career as a solo artist.

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Chlöe’s acting career includes ‘Grown-ish’ and a new Will Packer movie

As Chlöe and Halle’s careers as musicians blossomed, so did their acting careers. Chlöe’s first screen role actually dates back to 2003: she appeared in the family movie The Temptations of Fightingfeaturing none other than her future mentor Beyoncé.

In the late 2010s and early 2020s, Chlöe and Halle starred in the hit TV series Cultivated. And in 2022, it was announced that Chlöe would star in a new film called “Praise This”, which chronicles the world of youth choirs.

In a 2022 interview with The breakfast clubChlöe admitted that acting complements her music, rather than preventing her from focusing on releasing new songs.

“[Acting] somehow goes with [music]”, she said honestly. “I’m really excited about ‘Praise This’ with Will Packer and everyone else. There’s music tied to it, so it’ll be really fun.

Chlöe releases her first album in 2022

Chlöe launched her solo career in earnest in 2021 with her first solo single “Have Mercy”. She performed it on television several times and it quickly became a hit song, reaching No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her follow-up single, “Treat Me”, was released in April 2022, and much like ” Have Mercy”. is a celebration of herself and all that she is.

“I can’t wait for people to hear all of the work, because there are so many different sounds and layers to me, and I feel like when you hear the full project, you’ll understand me as an artist. “, she smiles.

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