Cincinnati singer / songwriter / activist AprinasRevolutionaryLove uses music as ‘armed love’


DAYTON, Ky. – Aprina Johnson, better known as AprinasRevolutionaryLove, is a singer / songwriter / activist who uses music and love to improve her community.

Arina’s music is soulful, funky and above all passionate. But you can’t just contact her on Spotify; you have to go see her play live.

“I just feel like it’s oversaturated right now to be in the digital world looking for likes and streams,” said Aprina.

Perhaps an exception to this rule, AprinasRevolutionaryLove recently performed live for WCPO Lounge Acts.

When the pandemic began, Arina replaced her canceled concerts with performances in yards and porches in her neighborhood.

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“I was very fortunate to be able to bring songs, messages and feelings of love and worship to my community through music during this time,” she said.

Aprina believes that music and love can be ‘militarized’ to improve her community and explained ‘when you are able to really move and show people the mechanics of what love is then it becomes that thing. who fights real weapons like division. “

Aprina says her songs “have the power to infiltrate places and people.”

That’s why she was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with local think tank Action Tank to create music for the Cincinnati City Council candidates as part of their Vote Smarter project. for them.”

You can read more about Aprina on her website at

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