Concept album announced for BALLAD OF DREAMS, a novel with music


Ballad of Dreams, the first novel with music written by multihyphenate Allyson Hernandez, will release a companion concept album featuring music from the novel. Hernandez will team up with Forbes 30 Under 30 Music list winner Macy Schmidt, who will produce the music. Casting details will be announced later. Ballad of Dreams is about friendship, dreams, love, loss and everything in between, and is available for purchase at

Originally written as a pre-pandemic musical, Ballad of Dreams features lyrics from the original music embedded in the book similar to a musical booklet. Audrey and Rose are cousins ​​and best friends in 1940s New York City whose life trajectories, choices, sacrifices and experiences are drastically different, yet their friendship remains constant. Each of them are discovering their own identity and independence as women at a time when society was trying to define that for them. Ballad of Dreams combines the richness of storytelling and the brilliance of musical theater with historical fiction.

“As a multi-passionate creator and coach who empowers women to live their best lives and pursue their dreams, I knew I needed a badass woman to lead this project alongside me. I wanted to work with someone “one that was not only going to take my music to the next level, but also provide an opportunity for another woman in the musical theater industry. Macy’s work to empower women in the music industry with The Broadway Sinfonietta was an immediate sign that our work and our values ​​were aligned,” Hernandez said. “I’ve seen firsthand the power of women helping women in all walks of life and I’m thrilled to partner with her in bringing music to life!”

Reader reviews said, “Hernandez demonstrated her brilliant creativity by weaving songs throughout the book – a unique twist on novel writing that adds another dimension to her story.” They “also look forward to the release of the audiobook” of this “inspiring story for feminists around the world”.

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