Daveyton artist uses music to express himself


“The only way for me to express how I feel is through music,” said self-taught artist Stone Piece, who describes the inspiration behind his music.

Daveyton resident Tshepo Ndimande, known by his stage name Stone Piece, said he started using his talents, laptops and computers from an early age.

“This is how I learned to play instruments, record and produce music for myself,” he said.

“Growing up, it was not easy for me to express how I felt towards people, including my parents. Even today, only a few people understand or know me because I barely talk about my feelings.

Life grows
“I spent most of my childhood in a commune called Boipatong before moving to Benoni,” he said.

“I finished my high school education there at a school called Jet Nteo, where I got honors, which led me to study at the University of the Witwatersrand.

“I have never been someone who loved or loved school; I changed in the ninth grade after my father died.


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“Since then my stage name Stone Piece was born. I had to find a way to express how I felt, to see my mother suffer so that my family would survive and be abandoned by all the other family members.

“Stone Piece means my life is hard as a stone but my heart is broken.”

The 22-year-old said he uses music to make people happy.

“I would say being an artist is something I fell in love with. I always wanted to be known and make a difference in society, ”he explained.

If he really enjoys creating music, he is also finishing his studies.

“I study chemical engineering and I am an entrepreneur,” he concluded.


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