Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele Announces Solo Album


Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele has announced his upcoming new solo album.

This latest musical project from Steele, who also fronts The Sleepy Jackson, follows “No One Defeats Us,” his 2018 collaborative album with Silverchair’s Daniel Johns as DREAMS, and his self-titled debut. side project H3000, which arrived last year.

Posting on Empire Of The Sun’s Instagram account overnight, Steele revealed that his next musical venture would be a solo album.

“Hi everyone, it’s been a while,” he wrote in the post’s caption. “My first solo record is finished.

“It was a wild ride but I survived. It all starts today.”

Steele also confirmed that the album’s first single will be released on February 10. You can watch a short trailer for his new solo album above.

Empire Of The Sun, meanwhile, could be live for a comeback later this year. Steele’s teammate Nick Littlemore said The Take with Neil Griffiths podcast in November that “there could totally be Empire stuff next year, that’s for sure”.

“I actually just found one of the lyrics the other day that we wrote in Japan,” Littlemore said of the “really exciting music” the duo have in the works.

“It’s such an exciting record – it’s super sad but in this way Luke makes you feel good to feel sad; makes you feel good about feeling anything. He’s such an amazing artist.

Steele, however, previously played down speculation about new Empire Of The Sun material in May 2021.

“There’s a lot of things but we struggle so much with the writing of Zoom and it’s always been kind of a tangible group ‘in the room’ where you kind of run on the spirit of what’s going on” , did he declare.


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