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Davis Counties – and many surrounding counties – will have the opportunity of a lifetime on Sunday when they walk into the Davis County Gymnasium to hear Simon Estes perform songs they love.

Estes is a colored man from Centerville who grew up in a poor family. Every day, he thanks God for the opportunities and people who have enabled him to get an education and to perform in opera houses and with symphony orchestras on every continent except Antarctica.

Sunday is an opportunity to blackmail this great man, soon to be 84, in our presence in the very gymnasium where he played basketball for Centerville while he was in high school.

Because of his love for people, he will sing songs that anyone can relate to, such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”, “God Bless America” ​​and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Due to his humanitarian nature, Estes has used his musical talents not only to perform in front of audiences around the world, but also for the benefit of those in need.

Through the Simon Estes Foundation, he has awarded numerous scholarships to students from many countries who are in need of educational opportunities – not just music students, but also students focusing on other disciplines.

Proceeds from Sunday’s concert – which is part of Estes, Iowa’s Roots & Wings tour – will provide scholarships to several students in Davis and Van Buren counties.

“I feel that God has blessed me,” he said over the phone in an interview on Sunday, “and as a slave grandson I was taught not to hate, but to pray for those who have shown hatred. “

Governor Robert Ray, another great humanitarian from Iowa, asked Estes to run for office 21 years ago. “I want you to run for governor and I know you will be re-elected,” Ray told Estes.

“I was a Democrat and he was a Republican, but we loved each other,” Estes said. His response to Governor Ray: “I do not compromise my faith, my values ​​and my principles, and politicians tend to be bought off, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

Obviously, Estes didn’t put Governor Ray in that category because we went on to say, “Bob Ray was such a great human being.”

Sunday’s concert will be Estes’ first professional appearance since the start of the pandemic, and audiences will be privileged to hear this great human being share his talents at this concert.

Due to his love and respect for others, Estes said he would wear a mask when not singing and asked members of the audience to consider doing the same – especially in the front section.

“It has nothing to do with politics,” he said. “I am involved in education and the arts, not in politics, but I believe in doctors and scientists in the United States and Europe. If we had all started wearing masks when this started, it would be over.

“I would be very sad if someone received COVID two weeks after this concert. I love all the people who come.

Estes has spent more time performing outside the US than in the US since 1964. He still has connections all over the world and says these people ask, “What’s wrong? with America? You have the vaccine and not take full advantage of it when so many other countries want the vaccine.

“If everyone got vaccinated, we could eliminate them by Christmas!” he said. “God says’ Love your neighbors as yourself. Wear a mask! “

“I have colleagues who have died and my heart is broken.”

Estes’ influence will extend beyond the crowd at Sunday’s concert as he addresses students from Davis County and Van Buren County at a convention Monday morning. These students will have the opportunity to hear Estes speak about overcoming adversity and living his life to the fullest as he shares his story of hard work and determination.

Estes usually ends his conversations and correspondence with “God Bless You!” “

Without a doubt, anyone who hears him play on October 24th and 25th will feel blessed.


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