Feel a spiritual “awakening” with Kaivon’s debut album


DJ and producer Rising Kaivon offers a deeper message for listeners to explore with his debut album on Lowly, Awakening.

Kaivon has proven to be one of the most influential artists to watch this year on the electronic dance music scene with such a defined sound signature. With captivating singles like “Free fall” and “I like you” appearing on repeat cycles in playlists, as well as appearances on Deadbeats and Grant, there is no doubt that Kaivon’s musical style has earned a good reputation. Recently, Kaivon has taken over the stages of festivals like Okeechobee and Audiotistic Bay Areaand he’s heading out again later this year to unite audiences with his upcoming smooth bass sound on proper setups.

To really show his impact as a creator, Kaivon has finally released the highly anticipated and personally crafted debut album, Awakeningavailable now via Humble. Awakening is described as Kaivon’s most vulnerable and personal showcase of work to date, becoming a musical representation of what it’s like to experience a rebirth, or reawakening, of our internal struggles. The 11-track collection features cutting-edge sounds of exquisite craftsmanship, collected to create an individual experience for each listener.

With personal messages throughout each track but a relatable tone that every listener can relate to, Kaivon asks them to dive deep into the difficulties they avoid and face them head-on. He talks about his battle with depression and how understanding how living in the present and facing problems with a brave heart leads to rebirth and the spiritual openness that can be achieved for a better quality of life. Moving tunes like “I say” and “Arp” have intricate yet carefully layered synth compositions with shimmering basslines that take you on a journey.

For those looking for that danceable groove, “It is not too late,” “Lost,” and “I feel it” have an infectious selection of drum pads with punchy tones and vocals that will ring in your head. Songs like “song of the whales,” “Love is blind,” and “All” have these poetic, sensual compositions that take on different narratives of musical impulses, with a similar vibe of hovering on the Pacific Coast Highway with your hand out the window.

The title track and the previously released single “Hollywood Hills“take the cake as the most spiritually tuned, with wonderful stories to tell while allowing listeners to write their own. The experience from start to finish Awakening is unique in itself because the struggles of internal battles and the light at the end of the tunnel can all be heard in a musical voice, tugging at our heartstrings and can make us think in such a unique way.

If you want to enjoy these tracks live, Kaivon has announced their full-fledged album tour, starting strong at bass canyon this weekend and the rest of the year with tickets available through its website. Each stop will have resources from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization dear to Kaivon. We hope that with this album, every listener recognizes that they have a purpose in life and that they are not alone and admire that Kaivon spreads this message during their tour.

Be sure to follow Kaivon on social media, spread Awakening on Spotify or your favorite platformand get tickets to her next tour before she sells out!

Kaivon Flow – Awakening on Spotify:

Kaivon – Awakening – List of tracks:

  1. It is not too late
  2. Lost
  3. I say
  4. I feel it
  5. All
  6. Arp
  7. Hollywood Hills
  8. Love is blind
  9. song of the whales
  10. Awakening (Interlude)
  11. Awakening
Kaivon - Alarm Clocks

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