Folk artist Ryan Leddick releases new single “State of Mind”


Capital District queer folk/rock artist Ryan Leddick released a new single, “State of Mind”, on Thursday, May 5.

“State of Mind” merges the acoustic folk-rock sound that Leddick used regularly in his earlier releases with synth-laden openings. The single marries his penchant for the simple, catchy melodies of folk music with the intricacies of 80s/90s synthetic pop.

When I was creating this song, all I was thinking was 80s and 90s geometric shapes and cut acoustic guitar beats and how they balanced each other.

Ryan Leddick

Leddick calls his single a fusion of folk and synth pop, but as you listen to it, you might find that his booming vocals and towering drumming sound more like a rock ballad. Or we discovered that rock music is actually what you get when you combine folk and synth pop.

Photo: Mike De Socio // Design: Courtney Mann

This expansion of Leddick’s sound came after she reconnected with her guitar during the pandemic. The synth sequences aimed to recreate what he called the “geometric shapes” of 80s and 90s pop music.” This mix of acoustic guitar, electric drums and synths always seemed to paint a geometric landscape in my mind. “, explained Leddick.

It may just be modesty on Leddick’s part, but the most notable part of “State of Mind” is Leddick’s streamlined vocals, which when it first pops up on the track sound like Adele -esque in its depth and control. His voice often quivers as if choking as he shares something personal with us, giving his music an emotional introspection.

The hook repeats the lyrics “it’s my state of mind”. It might be a bit heavy handed, but you sure can’t say Leddick didn’t put his heart into it.

“State of Mind” marks his second collaboration with Bendt producer and musician Carl Blackwood and mastering engineer Carl Staff. Blackwood also received instrumental and mixing credits on the single.

Going forward, the single is expected to be part of a larger body of work that Leddick plans to release this year or early 2023.


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