Fotocrime announces new Heart of Crime album for August 2021 release, shares music video for “Delicate Prey”


Fotocrime announces new Heart of Crime album for August 2021 release and shares music video for

Ryan Patterson to release his new album Heart of crime August 27. This will be the third album in an expanse of “Southern Electric Romance”. Heart of crime is meant to encompass synths, drum machines, and guitar hooks, which is another way of saying it has an “electric southern romanticism” to the music.

It was also the response he had had for a quarantined lifestyle. “This is by far the most direct and personal thing I have ever done as 99% of everything on the recording is me,” Patterson said.

Patterson is also the backbone of Fotocrime as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Patterson explains Fotocrime as follows: “In my mind, Fotocrime is a meeting point between Cold War Europe and mid-century America.

To encourage listeners to purchase Fotocrime’s new album, Patterson released one of the songs from the album. “Delicate Prey” has a movie clip directed by Bobby Markos. As Patterson sings with his sweet baritone voice through “Delicate Prey,” viewers see how well his voice matches the song title and how his voice doesn’t interfere with the video. Heart of crime is supposed to go the reverse of the previous album from 2020 South of paradise.

It will be the first album he will produce himself. Patterson says, “This is the first album I ever recorded and mixed myself.

Heart of crime It also embodies a kind of underground urban sensation where much more intense listeners are known to listen to these kinds of songs. As “Delicate Prey” encompasses a sort of hunt and hunt, the couple during the video appear to be stalked by Patterson as he sings as they wander through the open field. Especially on the part where he says “look death in the face” and the boy looks straight into the camera when he says so. “Delicate Prey” is meant to take on an 1980s feel with the music emulating the tone of the music of that era. The video takes three different perspectives, one on the couple, the other on Ryan Patterson in the hiding woods and the dancer.

Heart of crime List of tracks:

  1. Heart of crime
  2. Electric Coffee
  3. So so low
  4. Delicate prey
  5. Crystal caves
  6. Politi Policia Polizei
  7. Pig Industry
  8. Rising Zoe
  9. Hell rebels
  10. Learn to love eyelashes
  11. flayed alive



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