Francesca Michielin at Sanremo 2022: from singer to conductor


On the occasion of San Remo 2022 singer Francesca Michielin will put aside the microphone and take on the role of conductor for the first time accompany Every time it’s like this Emma’s contest song with which she will perform an adaptation of the song on Friday, February 4, during the cover night Baby one more time by Britney Spears. The surprises do not stop there, however, since it will be released on March 15. The heart is an organ, his first novel that marks his debut as a writer. Different forms of expression of an increasingly mature artist who aspires to be a female example for all those little girls who heard it, watch it tonight and read it in the near future…

We had the pleasure of speaking with Francesca Michielin who from this evening will hold the wand in her hand dressed in Miu Miu and a DoDo bracelet as a lucky charm.

The beginnings at a very young age, today conductor of Emma: what does Sanremo mean to you?

It’s a slightly different Sanremo for me, because I experience it from a completely different point of view: I’m very happy because it was an opportunity to experience a moment of pure music through the direct relationship with the orchestra. Coming off stage shows that each of us, although with our limits, can potentially do anything: I have always had great respect for music and I have always had this dream, to lead the Sanremo orchestra, and therefore I tried to prepare myself for the best for this event. This new role is a source of pride: I would like to be an example for all those little girls who watch the festival and dream of being there one day at the head of the orchestra.

What do you think of the female presence in Sanremo and in Italian music?

It is important to give more and more space to women and not because of a question of women’s quotas, which is a term that I do not like, but for representation. In Italian music, beyond Sanremo, I see that many women make music with a unique and recognizable style. And that’s as important as giving them space.

What is your style in music?

I have a rather dark soul and, in fact, they often comment that my picture looks a lot like Addams Wednesday, as if it were a review. For my part, I consider this a source of pride. I think that each person is different and must embrace their own diversity: to feel good about yourself is to offer the possibility of expressing your femininity. A concept that shows endless ways to be beautiful and feminine.

What look did you choose to conduct the orchestra?

As a conductor, I was considering a rather subtle look inspired by the classic image of the conductor, but I preferred to play with unusual textures. A little different is the hairstyle, more refined and with plays of light to contrast the rigor of the Miu Miu look. The make-up will be curated by Luca Cianciolo: if last year he drew graphic lines with eyeliner, this year he has studied a more sober beauty look precisely because it will be a different role. For the evening dedicated to the recovery the look of the 90s will be interpreted in a key 2.0 to fully reflect the very particular musical arrangement which does not want to mime or offer a trashy performance. Our goal is to give a new reading on the complexity of the figure of Britney: from the look to the song it will be something new, no spoilers 😉

What does it mean to bring a Britney Spears song to the Sanremo stage also in light of recent events?

It is very important because it is a claim of this femininity of Britney Spears, with a thousand facets, which on social networks often is reduced to a meme. We also want to claim the beauty of making pop music: an expressive language that has a thousand different nuances and that I appreciate even if I listened to young rock and I have my studies at the Conservatory behind me. Pop is a huge possibility.

Now you are also a writer: what triggered this spring that allowed you to publish a novel?

Since I was little I wrote short stories and I don’t know exactly what was the motivation that allowed me to publish this novel. There has always been in me the desire to invent and imagine stories: first with music, then with the blog and now with a book. I started with the title: The heart is an organ. But writing requires not only inspiration, but also discipline and perseverance. It happens with the musical texts that I write them that then I let them settle down for a while, before taking them up again. With the book I was more motivated and I took the time to tell this story that I had in mind.

The protagonists are three women: in whom do you reflect yourself?

All three characters have similar traits with people I know and some events also sum up personal experiences but I don’t identify with any of them. The beauty of the novel is precisely what one can freely imagine, coming out of myself.

Do you want to send a message with this novel?

I would like to convey the complexity of love and its many facets: a feeling that is not linear or even schematized into something specific, but how intense it can be. A characteristic found in many coming-of-age novels and which stands out here in the young protagonist. Added to this is the theme of pain as a fundamental part of emotions: we often avoid it but here there is the will to go through it.

How do you handle love?

I haven’t understood it yet but I can tell you that writing is a way to decode a part of yourself.

The novel is not disconnected from the music, because it is accompanied by an unpublished piece. I imagined Ottanio as a soundtrack: will it become a film?

I think this novel can become a movie, because the three stories have certain cinematic characteristics.

A curiosity: in 2016 after the performance we hear “Grace to all, a cool thing”. Would you do it again?

Absolutely yes!

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