Grammys 2022: Which artists have won the most awards?


Jhe Grammy Awards are one of the most important in the world of music, and ahead of the 2022 edition which will be held on Sunday, it is worth taking a look at some of the artists who have won several Grammys.

It’s every musician’s dream to eventually win a grammyswith an acknowledgment of someone’s skill and quality, whether in the form of an album or a single.

It takes a lot of hard work and a certain amount of natural genius to stand out on the field, and some were able to earn more Grammys that others.

The 2022 edition will be held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday April 3, although for viewers in England the broadcast will not start until 2am on Monday morning.

Trevor Noah will host the event, which was originally scheduled for January 31 but was postponed after the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Here is the list of artists who have won the most Grammy Awards

1. George Solti (31)

2. Quincy Jones (29)

3. Beyoncé, The Beatles (28)

4. Alison Krauss (27)

5. Pierre Boulez (26)

6. Steve Wonder (25)

7. Vladimir Horowitz (25 years old)

8. U2, John Williams, Chick Corea, Kanye West, Jay Z (22)

9. Vince Gill (21)

ten. Henry Mancini, Pat Metheny, Bruce Springsteen (20)

Groups with the most Grammys in history

1. The Beatles (28)

2. U2 (22)

3. Dixie Chicks (13)

4. Foo Fighters (12)

5. Pat Metheny Group (10)


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