Harry Styles spotted in MCU’s ‘Eternals’ – Manila bulletin


Pop music artist Harry Styles officially joins the MCU via the “Eternals.”

Marvel Studios’ movie “Eternals” premiered in the United States two weeks ago. And although it is yet to be seen here in Manila, elements of the film are already reaching us here.

One of those elements is that Marvel Studios has announced informally, as a movie, that Harry Styles has joined the MCU.

The former One Direction singer was seen in the end credits of “Eternals”. There, Styles was in the character of Eros, “Thanos ‘brother” and “Royal Prince of Titan, aka Starfox. Eros (Styles) is seen in the Eternals’ ship Domo. His appearance suggests an” Eternals “sequel. is probably coming.

Anyway, Starfox or Eros, as Thanos’ little brother, is “an offspring of the Eternals race. Has improved intellect, super strength, speed and more. (Starfox) can control them. gravitons that allow him to fly.With access to cosmic energy in his body, like all Eternals, Eros is virtually immortal.

He also said that “Eros’ main ability is the stimulation of pleasure. The character’s psionic ability allows him to stimulate the brain’s pleasure nodes at a distance of 25 feet from (him). Its stimulation can make individuals excited and ecstatic. In short, Eros aka Starfox has the power to make people fall in love with him or other individuals.

As if Harry Styles’ recent solo effort as a musical artist hadn’t already.

Harry Styles’ cameo in the Eternals is the singer’s second time in a movie, the first being on Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”.




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