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Mars kicks off with Luna Li and Charlie XCX albums, and brings concerts with Aminé and Epik High

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Mars kicks off with Luna Li and Charlie XCX albums, and brings concerts with Aminé and Epik High

Welcome back Terriers, to our monthly column, “What’s Hot in Music”

This month, we want you to hear about the next project of up-and-coming Black Country band New Road, hear up-and-coming low-key shoegaze artist Parannoul, and rock with Aminé at House of Blues.

New releases

Album cover courtesy of Ninja Tune

Some bands take decades to find the right synergy and groove together. For Black Country, New Road, it only took a few songs. The British band kicked off with their 2019 single “Sunglasses”, a nine-minute track that oscillates between post-punk/rock and experimental jazz. Ants from abovethe sequel to their critically acclaimed debut album For the first time, is a dynamic and exhilarating project. The album’s first song “Intro,” an instrumental preface to the band’s transgender influences, won’t properly prepare you for the intense breakup experience that will follow in “Chaos Space Marine,” the album’s first single (which the group proclaimed to be the best they had ever written), as well as the series of three tracks ranging from “Concorde” to “Bread Song” and “Good Will Hunting”. Former lead singer Isaac Wood’s eclectic vocal performance is made more bittersweet with the announcement of his departure from the band, made just four days before the album’s release. The band plans to continue the music in his absence, but with their future sound now up in the air, it’s clear that Ants from above is a project to truly cherish.

Parannuul album cover
Album cover courtesy of Parannuul

Parannuul is an artist shrouded in mystery. The anonymous Korean rock singer, who composes and produces all his music in his bedroom, first gained traction with the release of his music on Bandcamp, a platform that helps musicians get paid directly for their work. His latest EP, White Ceiling / Wandering Blackheads, is no exception and can be streamed online for free. The EP is a B-side birthday present to fans of his second studio album, To see the next part of the dream, and is the continuation of the self-prescribed themes of “escapism, fantasy and disillusionment, struggle and the most ordinary existence”. Parannoul, who describes himself as “below average in height and looks and all”, sings distorted vocals that fade behind heavy guitar for a psychedelic style that is the signature of the shoegaze genre. The standout tracks are “Escape,” “Soft Bruise,” and especially “Growing Pain,” which features a rare moment that highlights Parannoul’s slightly offbeat vocals, mostly unobtrusive.

Luna Li album cover
Album cover courtesy of Luna Li

Korean-Canadian producer Luna Li, born Hannah Bussiere Kim, wants to reconcile her two halves: the part of her that is Korean and the other half that is Canadian. She extends her aptly named debut album Duality as a source of comfort for women who may feel the same as they try to define every aspect of themselves. To further her goal, the producer sourced the voices of women of color, such as Jay Som, Dreamer Isioma and Beabadoobee, and combined them with her own voice to create a warm collaborative effort. Kim said she chose the nickname Luna Li so she could slip into a fiercer alter ego, but Duality is infused, at its core, with the singer’s kind and empathetic nature, with tracks like “Trying,” a heartfelt song about trying to do your best despite what life throws at you. Duality is slated for a full release on March 4.

Charlie XCX album cover
Album cover courtesy of Atlantic Records

Hyperpop queen Charlie XCX is ready to step down from her throne, at least for now. The artist has announced his fifth and final album for his recording contract with Atlantic Records, crashby declaring to derogate from his signature sound: “Hyperpop RIP. To become the new flesh, you must first kill the old flesh,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post. Instead, Charlie seemed to adopt more traditional pop, with the release of four singles from the album, “Good Ones”, “New Shapes”, “Beg For You” and “Baby”. crash signals a new era for the singer, most notably in “Beg For You,” featuring fellow British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama, with bouncy synths and an addictive yet simple hook. crash is slated for a full release on March 18.

Photo of GAYLE, a white woman with black hair and dyed brown bangs, looks to the right with a curious expression.  Small flower clips and sprinkles in her hair as she stands in front of a muted pinkish purple backdrop
Photo by Luke Rogers

TikTok has become the epitome of the music industry, with new talent finding their big breaks on the platform simply by going viral. Taylor Gayle Rutherford is one such artist who has captured the hearts of the TikTok generation, quickly amassing over 3.5 million views for her song “abcdefu”, a breaking anthem about her anger towards her ex and her family. . The track, released via Atlantic Records, quickly exploded, topping Billboard’s Global 200 and Billboard Global Excluding US charts at number one for consecutive weeks in January, and has since amassed more than 500 million streams on Spotify. The singer recently announced her upcoming debut EP, A Human Experience Studio Volume One, which will include “abcdefu” and its equally sarcastic follow-up single “Ur Just Horny.” The EP is slated for March 18.

Upcoming concerts


The Senior Terriers may remember the 802.1x concert held in the spring of 2018, headlined by rapper and songwriter Aminé. The artist had gained notoriety with his first single, “Caroline”, whom the singer calls a modern-day “Billie Jean”. The track became the lead single from her 2017 debut album, Good for you, with features from Kehlani, Offset and Nelly, who debuted at 31 on Billboard’s 200 chart. The rapper continued his success with albums ONEPOINTFIVE and LIMBO, both of which have received critical acclaim from review moguls Pitchfork. Find the rapper on tour this week for his latest album, TWOPOINTFIVE, at the House of Blues.

Campus Hippopotamus

The members of indie rock band Hippo Campus met in high school, and the band has come a long way since 2013. In 2017, they released their debut studio album. Landmark, which landed at No. 140 on the Billboard 200 and No. 11 on the Independent Albums Chart. Their second album of 2018, Bambi, peaked at 39 on Billboard’s Adult Alternative Airplay chart. Find the band on tour for their latest project, LP3 at the House of Blues this week.

Tame the impala

Kevin Parker, known by his stage name Tame Impala, began his music career in 2007 by posting his self-produced work on MySpace, which led to label deals. His 2020 album, The slow race, peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Selling Albums chart, number three on the Billboard 200, and took number one on the Top Rock Albums chart. While Parker is generally completely independent in his musical process, on tour “Tame Impala” consists of Dominic Simper on guitar/synthesizer, Jay Watson on guitar/vocals, Cam Avery on bass, Julien Barbagallo on drums and l man himself on guitar/vocals. Catch the act on tour for The slow race next week at TD Garden.

high epic

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Veterans Epik High, an alternative hip-hop trio from Seoul consisting of frontman Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, have more than two decades of experience under their belts. The three began their career in 2001 in the Korean underground hip hop scene and released their first album Map of the human soul two years later, despite criticism that there was virtually no market for music with complex lyrics in an era defined by the rise of first-generation K-pop. Today, the group boasts a discography of 11 studio albums, as well as the commendable achievement of being the first Korean group to perform at Coachella. Catch up with Epik High on their Epik High Is Here Tour, at the House of Blues.

Snoh Aalegra

Swedish singer Snoh ​​Aalegra, née Shahrzad Fooladi, sings with a dexterity that makes you think she was almost born to make music. And maybe she was. The artist started writing his own music at just nine years old and signed his first contract at thirteen, an artist development deal with Sony Music Sweden. His second album, Ugh, those feelings again, found huge success, with its single “I Want You Around” topping the top spot on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart and staying there for 48 weeks. His latest project Temporary highs in the purple sky cemented Aalegra’s absolute strength in the world of R&B, claiming #3 on the Top R&B Albums chart upon release. The North American leg of her tour begins this month and you can see her at the Orpheum Theater on March 27.

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