Huda Asfour, Maurice Louca among the musicians working on the new album Mophradat Songs for Kids, Vol. 1: Affratta – Music – Arts & Culture


Supported by Mophradat, a platform that creates opportunities for artists in the Arab world, Songs for Kids also brings together children’s writers Ahlam Bsharat, Hadil Ghoniem and Yosra Sultan.

As described on Mophradat’s website, the album, which will see its worldwide release on January 28, 2022, “is a project that seeks to find ways for children to be offered joyful, nature-loving music, not patriarchal, imaginative and evocative that encourages them to be kind, curious, adventurous and loving.

The website also adds that “Music and songs are a way for children to learn, express their emotions, hear and tell stories, and get to know their bodies, but the Arab world has a great deal to offer. limited musical productions for children ”.

The first volume of this effort consists of six tracks for children ages four to six.

Mophradat has already released a track from the album, titled Kalbi Baladi (My Baladi Dog). The song is based on text by Hadil Ghoneim which features a playful one-eyed rescue dog, belonging to the ubiquitous Egyptian breed Baladi, to an offbeat Arabic pop composition. Kalbi Baladi presents the voice of Aya Metwalli against a background of rhythmic whirlwind and arrangements imbued with psychedelia. to listen Kalbi Baladi here.

The six tracks of Mophradat Songs for Kids, Vol. 1, include: Kalbi Baladi, Girani, Elteneen, Affratta, Beit Teta and Sha7rour.

The album is mixed by Radwan Ghazi and mastered by Katie Tavini. Illustrations are by visual artist Jumana Emil Abboud and designer Joud Toamah.

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