Local Artists Win Regional Theme Song Contest


A classic theme update for retailer Blain’s Farm & Fleet caught the eye of local musicians Brittany Wendel of Streamwood, Illinois, and Kevin Nadolski of Gilberts, Illinois.

The Midwestern home improvement retailer launched the Voice of Blain contest for entrants to add a new twist to their theme song. Culminating in a vote on social media, the three finalists made their debut at Country Jam 2021 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Blain’s Farm & Fleet unveiled the song and video on the Blain’s Farm & Fleet YouTube channel.

“We were thrilled to be announced as the winners onstage,” said Wendel, a student at Southern Illinois University who has both professional acting and singing experience.

“A commercial theme was a new kind of music for me to compose,” said Nadolski, an Elmhurst College School of Music alumnus. “I was excited to expand my skills and create a piece that captured the feel of Blain’s Midwestern roots.”

Nadolski continues to compose and perform in progressive rock and pop styles while producing and designing for local artists, remaining open to alternative musical options.

A family event for the team of brother-in-law and sister-in-law, the two collaborate and release music.

Brittany Wendel is featured on Spotify with a collection of popular releases composed by her brother-in-law Kevin Nadolski, including the latest album “Truth & Lies.”


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