Love Keyyz releases their second album “I Could Be Dreaming”


Fresh off the release of their single and music video, “Life Worth Living”, Love Keyyz releases their highly anticipated second album, I could dream. The powerful love song, “Life Worth Living”, appears on her new album. “I Could Be Dreaming” takes you on an 11-track journey through the stages of love gone wrong, beginning with the “Never Thought” cinematic and ending with the Neo-Soul “PAN”

Love Keyyz uses his emotive, complex harmonies and unreal vocal range to illustrate a beautiful love story that ends up being more of a tragedy. “I Could Be Dreaming” is a musical memoir based on Love Keyyz’s recent relationship. The contrast between the records makes “I Could Be Dreaming” feel like a double album. “It’s kind of a Side A/Side B project. Heaven and hell, so to speak,” says Love Keyyz. “I Could Be Dreaming” begins with songs about what real love looks like – that true, strong, and seemingly unbreakable love. But then [the album] descends into the pain that stems from the relationship, and ends later with its healing process and growth. Love Keyyz says, “Love involves risk. We don’t always get our fairy tale, and that’s okay. But, love is so amazing. Love is the reason life is worth living.

“I Could Be Dreaming” was written entirely by Love Keyyz, which allowed her to be transparent and keep the album authentic and sincere. Not only did she write the album, but she was also involved in the production of the album. She based her songwriting ideas on chord progressions she composed on the piano. Love Keyyz enlisted his favorite and talented pianists, Antoine Franklin and Jordan Jackson, to add musical elements to the jams. Wasay Waqar produced two tracks and mixed/mastered the entire album.

“I Could Be Dreaming” is an album without jumps, each song is masterful. The album has something for everyone. “I Could Be Dreaming” delivers upbeat ’90s nostalgia, pop vibes, catchy hooks and more. It’s a diverse R&B/Soul album packed with sounds that showcase Love Keyyz’ musicality and versatility. “I Could Be Dreaming” will have listeners dreaming while playing the album on repeat. “I Could Be Dreaming” will undoubtedly make you a fan and love, Love Keyyz.

Flow I could dream below.


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