Meet Hamzah Khan, an ace singer and musical artist who is bringing the Sufi music craze back to the world – The UBJ


Captivating millions of viewers with his melodious voice and captivating poetry, Hamzah Khan proves his prowess as a complete musical artist.

The entertainment and music industry has been by far one of the most changing and evolving industries in many diverse industries. Being a hub and home for thousands of singers, songwriters, composers, producers and many more, the music industry has provided the right platform for everyone to showcase their talent, skills and his expertise. As new music genres are now gaining momentum among next-generation audiences, it has become a mandate and imperative for music professionals to deliver their A-game and consistently deliver desired results. We met one of those budding young talents leading his space in music with his innate talent and creativity, Hamzah Khan.

Hamzah Khan was inclined towards the art and craft of music since childhood and started singing when he was 5 years old. He realized as a child that music would be his ultimate destination and embarked on his magical musical journey and since then there has been no looking back for him. Working diligently, honing his musical skills, Hamzah Khan mastered the art of Sufi music and carved out a special place and niche for himself in the music industry with his melodious voice and poetry.

He grew up listening to Sami Yusuf and Maher Zain as well as legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His love for his religion and Islam, Hamzah Khan wanted to create a special place for Sufi music within the industry and he was able to achieve this feat on a global scale. Based in London, Hamzah Khan has become one of the most sought after Sufi professionals who has now made Nasheeds a new standard for Asian weddings in the UK and around the world. Bringing Sufi-style Islamic music to the wedding scene was a unique concept brought by Hamzah Khan. Artists say it is a new way to start the journey for couples in a blessed way by praising Allah and the last Prophet Muhammad.

Hamzah Khan was also awarded a certificate as an international nasheed artist and for his humanitarian work by the Mayor of Luton. His remarkable humanitarian work for the Rohingyas of the UK, Middle East, Pakistan, Lebanon and Bangladesh has been appreciated by millions and won him many plaudits and praise.

For more details, follow him on Instagram @hamzahkhanofficial to learn more and check out his Spotify account.


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