Melody’s Echo Chamber releases single ‘Alma’ ahead of new album ‘Emotional Eternal’


Melody’s Echo Chamber has released the third and final single from their upcoming album ‘Emotional Eternal’, a tribute to motherhood titled ‘Alma’.

The single was released today (April 7). In a statement, the French musician – real name Melody Prochet – described the track as “more of a poem to life”. The first song to be written after his 2018 album ‘Bon Voyage’, ‘Alma’ was written after Prochet had to leave his newborn baby for one night a year after giving birth.

“I think I registered the emotion of this kind of spiritual experience of essential but heartbreaking separation from the bubble of pure love to the world of others,” she said in a statement.

Watch the lively and scenic music video for ‘Alma’ below.

‘Alma’ follows the release of ‘Personal Message’ and ‘Looking Backward’ earlier this year. All three singles will appear on “Emotional Eternal”, Prochet’s third studio album, which is due out April 29 via Domino.

Prochet’s previous album, “Bon Voyage”, was released in June 2018 after a six-year hiatus. The singer had been forced to postpone the release of the album for a year following an accident which caused a brain aneurysm and fractured vertebrae in 2017, resulting in her hospitalization.

“Bon Voyage” received a three-star review from NMEwith writer Jamie Milton describing the record as a “wild journey into the space age that could use a ticket back to Earth” and “the record Prochet has long wanted to make”.

In 2012, she released her self-titled debut album, produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.


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