Metallica + Beatles Mashup Act Beatallica to release “The Devolver Album” in November


BEATALLICA, a satirical mashup act whose hilarious schtick espouses the songwriting prowess of THE BEATLES to the rocky roar of METALLIC, will release his fourth studio album, “The Devolver Album”, November 12 via Metal assault discs.

A clip for the first single from the album “Where and everywhere” is scheduled to premiere on October 1 on the band Youtube channel, as well as the pre-order release of the album in the aforementioned formats at All digital and physical album pre-orders will come with an instant download of the main single.

Upon arrival of “The Devolver Album” and what to expect from the new version, the group commented: “BEATALLICA are delighted to be finally released ‘The Devolver Album’ after many years of understanding, rearranging and disturbing concepts!

“Our relationship with METALLIC has been a blessing and we thank them for their support and allocations.

‘The Devolver Album’ will have all the elements of the past BEATALLICA recordings and more. Listeners will understand the mix between original music and lyrics and METALLIC compositions with BEATLES sensibilities, style and influence. Thrash, heavy, clever, subversive and hesh, of course!

BEATALLICA are made up of very experienced songwriters and we had a great time working on some original material on this release.

“Our first single and video for “Where and everywhere” will be released soon.

BEATALLICA are pumped to work with Metal assault discs and we look forward to playing live, in support of ‘The Devolver Album’ before too long! Information and show dates can be found at and the merch will be at Damn yeah !! “

Produced by BEATALLICA, “The Devolver Album” was registered at Hamtone Audio and designed by Jeff Hamilton and Lodi Broekhuizen. Mixing and mastering tasks were carried out by Flemball Rasmartin To Shane Olivo Audio and Justin perkins To Mastery of the Mystery Room, respectively. The artwork on the cover of “The Devolver Album” was created by Matt Wells from

“The Devolver Album” track list:

01. Devolver

02. Play Me Overdrive Guitar

03. Never born

04. Everywhere and everywhere

05. Hesh today

06. Here is revenge

07. Number nine

08. BCHC

09. The damnation of Helleanor Hippie

End of 2020, Metal assault discs added with great enthusiasm BEATALLICA to its official list of labels. MAR owner André Bansal was first presented at BEATALLICA in 2010, when the band toured the West Coast and performed at the now defunct Key Club in West Hollywood; put on the kind of performance that only they can. Next, Bansal interviewed BEATALLICA and have followed their progress over the years as they took their show on the road all over the world, garnering a global fan base to accompany the heaps of praise received from members of METALLIC et al, as well as journalists from around the world.

Live, BEATALLICA is about to happen at the gigantic Summer festival in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this Saturday, September 18. More concert dates will be announced in the near future, as the group prepares to perform. “Where and everywhere” in support of the new record.

BEATALLICAthe third full album by, “Abbey charge”, was released in April 2013 via Oglio Records.

In 2005, the members of BEATALLICA received help from METALLIC drummer Lars ulrich in their dispute with Sony Music more BEATALLICA“Illegal use” of the group’s compositions “without authorization or license”. Sony Music accused BEATALLICA violate copyright laws, demanded that their webmaster pay “unspecified damages” and forced the group’s ISP to shut down their website. Thanks to Ulrichefforts of, BEATALLICA was soon back online, and the legal debacle was over.

“The internet is a piracy swamp, so you send cease and desist letters all the time,” METALLIC lawyer Pierre Paterno said at the time. ” Someone has Sony probably saw this site and sent a letter and once they realized what was on it they decided it wasn’t something worth fighting for. They understood that it is different from someone who sells BEATLES CD and not pay royalties. “

BEATALLICA leader Jaymz lennfield (a.k.a Michael “Tinker” Tierney) said later River towns reader that he believed his band’s music had the legal protection of parody. “We think we are doing something new, especially on the lyric level,” he said. “It’s definitely a creative process … Legally and creatively, this stuff has never been done before.”


Jaymz lennfield – vocals, guitars

Grg Hammettson III – solo guitar, backing vocals

Jimmy ul-nic – drums, percussions, backing vocals

Dr Robert Stujillo – bass, backing vocals

Photo credit: Alex weber


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