Mike Redfields Unveils Breathtaking Debut Album “Passage to Space”


Mike Redfields unveils his impressive debut album ‘Passage to Space’: listen

Seeking to consolidate its presence within the electronic dance industry, Mike Redfields (real name Michiel Beenen) just blessed fans with his debut album ‘Passage in space. ‘ Impressive work in every way, the Dutch DJ / producer combined his passion for movies and sci-fi music, and in turn, provided us with an album well worthy of being dubbed as’ out of this world . “Having shown his versatility on each of his outings, Redfields experimented with an array of genres for some time, with each production leading to his current marriage of House and Techno accompanying all manner of ambient sounds.

With 16 tracks in their full versions, ‘Passage to Space’ will offer listeners a captivating fusion of sounds, as each track promises to touch the very soul of its audience. Responding to any type of mood you may be in, this latest album is the epitome of hard work and dedication, with each melodic element perfectly implementing the aura of each single. Diving deeply into the alternative subgenres of House and Techno, Redfields has once again demonstrated its ability to produce tracks that will take listeners on the most unique, yet at the same time most meaningful journey. . From very energetic and still powerful songs to melodic but also catchy productions, ‘Passage to Space’ will literally make you feel that you are in space.

“’Passage to Space’ is the result of everything I have learned and created. Each song has elements of space and time that will immerse you in an atmosphere of bass and synths. Let yourself be hypnotized and float in space with the melody of ‘Blackout, ”Infinite‘and get ready to go party mode with’Eternal, ”Cosmic tunnel, ”Galaxy‘ and ‘destiny‘. “- Mike redfield

After exploring both the power of House and Techno with the release of every track on the album, fans will also have the opportunity to embrace a variation of elements that had not yet been revealed before. . The addition of four new versions in the form of ‘Signals, ”stroll, ”Dark spirit,’ and ‘Solar wind, ‘will only further strengthen the dynamics of this extraordinary album, and we are more than certain that’ Passage to Space ‘will leave its own mark of success in our world and not only. Released now under Fuzion Music, be sure to check out the full album on Spotify below, with ‘Passage to Space’ also available to stream on all platforms. here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Mike Redfields (Press)


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