New Music Friday: 5 albums streaming this week


cave world, the third album by Swedish punk-rock band Viagra Boys, draws inspiration from the darkest corners of the internet. With mentions of conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers, anarcho primitivism and misogyny, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll find in the deepest corners of 4chan. “I think there’s a lot of inspiration just from the fall of society and what’s happened in the world recently and the rift between people and extremely opposing ideas of how the world should to be – and just this general feeling of chaos and destruction”, lead singer Sebastian Murphy Told Stunned last month.

Wrapped in the band’s instantly recognizable strain of bawdy post-punk, the 12-track album’s lead single “Punk Rock Loser” sees Murphy portray the anti-hero, insisting he’s “looser than a piece of fruit at hand” against a frenzied array of outlaw country beats. “Troglodyte” is about an incel who dreams of becoming a shooter, while the closing track “Return to Monke” eliminates the kind of primitive guy who wants “leave society and be a monkey”.

Elsewhere, K-pop group aespa drop their second mini album, Caterina Barbieri shares a haunting new release, and reinforcementshorts first mix of pop-punk and hyperpop.


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