Noah Cyrus First album 2022: the singer emerges from the shadow of sister Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah Cyrus, is now a true blue artist herself. While she had released a few singles over the years, she is only expected to release her debut album this year.

It’s called “The Hardest Part”. The announcement came as her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, divorced.

Singer Miley Cyrus’ younger brother has released the lead track from his first full album, “I Burned LA Down,” which tells a heartbreaking story and features a powerful music video.

She didn’t mince words saying the song was made for her ex to hear and find out exactly what their breakup did to her emotions.

On what inspired the track, she shared“All of this internal emotional pain I was feeling had to do with anxiety about this out of control fire and climate change in general. The song took shape around the idea that the only way my ex would understand the magnitude of my emotions were if I became this agent of chaos and set the whole city on fire.”

The album will be released in a few months, July 15 to be exact.

However, the single “People Don’t Change”, a collaboration with PJ Harding, will be released in April 2021.

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After going through a particularly trying time in terms of mental health, Noah has been very open about her struggles with depression. She previously confessed that she feared dying young because of it.

“My first EP ‘Good Cry’ came out 2 years ago today,” she said on Instagram in 2020. She detailed that since then she’s been through a lot. Due to her depression, releasing that particular EP and going on tour was really hard for her. Getting up was already a struggle. She added that at 21 (at the time), she couldn’t imagine how she had survived the years past her 18th birthday. The pain she felt in her chest was deemed “unbearable”.

“The pain in my chest from the pain was unbearable.. at 18 i didn’t think i was going to be here for a 20th birthday soon 21. they felt at 1000. it seems impossible…j I was so sad. so hurt and so scared. (sic),” she wrote.

It looks like she’s weathered quite a storm, so now she’s in a position to release a heartfelt album.

However, her parents are unfortunately in the process of divorcing.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus are ending their marriage after almost 30 years, but their rep says they aren’t doing it with sadness at all. In fact, after sharing a lifetime of memories, and with five children, they can only part with deep gratitude and love.

The divorce is meant to allow them to grow as individuals and create “their own paths”, after raising a family they can be proud of.

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