‘One of Greatest Singers’ Fellow Performers Remember Knoxville Shooting Victim


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – A legend. This is how friends and colleagues remember Alonzo Rodgers, who was gunned down the night before Thanksgiving on Nichols Avenue. He passed away over the weekend.

Rodgers, 30, was a member of a musical group called the Good Guy Collective. The members we spoke with all shared similar thoughts. They say Rodgers was an incredibly talented performer and an equally great person.

“I think Alonzo is one of the greatest singers I’ve ever known personally and most likely heard. He was like the sun. He was brilliant in the room every time he was there, ”said Nathan Tipton, member of the Good Guy Collective.

“He was on the verge of becoming, I think, an icon. To be an absolute legend. And it’s hard to imagine, ”said fellow member Lane Shuler.

Rodgers are remembered by other artists for what they say is a magical voice. The 30-year-old described how he got into singing in a previous podcast interview with another member of the Good Guy Collective.

“It started at church,” Rodgers said. “My pops is a pastor, an excellent singer. And I really just got all of my stuff from him.

The loss of Rodgers is difficult for his friends to understand.

“Of all the people to whom something tragic happens, he wouldn’t be the one I would expect something negative to happen because of the light he was shining wherever he was,” he said. said Colby Earles.

It’s clear Rodgers had an impact on the group, but he also had an impact on his community. It will be felt through every note of every song.

“You don’t have to be a superstar… He exemplified what it meant to be yourself,” said Jarius Bush.

“This man has touched more lives in a real way than most people just with their self-styled fame. He didn’t lose his life, ”said Joseph Woods.

The group members also say the good will come from it, although they don’t know exactly what it looks like yet. They do know, however, that they will continue to remember and honor Rodgers for the rest of their lives.

Police said no suspects were arrested or charged in the shooting. They ask anyone with information to call East Tennessee Valley Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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