Parma singer-songwriter Meghan Walsh takes part in online vocal competition


PARMA, Ohio – After writing her first song at age 10 because she was bored in history class, originally from Parma Meghan walsh has written and recorded numerous songs over the past decade. Now she hopes to take the next step in her career.

That’s why last week she entered the The “Opening Act” competition will be presented at Audacy’s “We Can Survive” concert, which is scheduled for October at the Hollywood Bowl.

“I’m excited right now,” said Walsh, 24, a 2015 Trinity High School graduate. “I don’t get nervous until I get on stage and start to shake. “

Walsh is definitely a step closer to learning shaking after just a week, she is currently No. 1 out of 30 aspiring singers in her first round band. Voting ends August 26. Not only will the winning artist, who will be named in October, perform in front of 18,000 fans, but he will also receive $ 10,000.

The previous 2019 Opening Act winner opened for Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Billie Eilish and The Jonas Brothers instead of Los Angeles.

“I found the contest on Facebook, which is really weird because you usually have to pay for things like that,” said Walsh, who also plays piano and guitar.

“Instead, it was free which was a big selling point because they don’t take your money. It’s actually more legitimate. They are looking to find talent and help them grow.

In terms of influence, Walsh said his music contained a hint of classic rock, as did Bryan Adams and The Cure.

Some of the original songs submitted by Walsh for the contest include the electronic “Venom”, the bubbly “Alibi” and the tropical “See You Again”.

“Mostly my music is pop with a little bit of rock in it,” Walsh said. “Demi Lovato is a good comparison. She’s a little edgy but still has that pop style.

Initially, Walsh studied music at Cleveland State University; However, very early on, she realized that this was not a good fit.

“I went to college for music, but I quit two months because I wasn’t a child prodigy,” Walsh said. “I felt like everyone was there. Then I went back to college and got a journalism degree. I graduated last December from Cleveland State University.

So far Walsh has played a bit here and there but she doesn’t have a band.

“It’s hard to find people who just want to support you because I’m a solo artist,” Walsh said.

For now, she is focusing on competition. Naturally, Walsh’s mind would be blown away if she ended up winning the “Opening Act”.

“I just have a very emotional connection to the people who have fun playing and have done it successfully, so being able to be that for someone else would probably be the most rewarding thing I can do. my life, ”Walsh said.

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