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Zekuosa Zhale and Vilavor Loucii with Dr. Neiphrezo Keditsu and others at the release of their debut music album Tenyidie August 5 in Kohima. (Photo Morung)

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Kohima | 5 August

Adding another feather to the music industry hat in Nagaland, a Tenyidie music album titled “A Phisie Meho” by Zekuosa Zhale and Vilavor Loucii was released here on August 5th.

It was officially released by Dr. Neiphrezo Keditsu, Chairman of Nagaland Khadi & Village Industries Board (NKVIB), Government of Nagaland at Red Cross Building.

Zekuosa Zhale is from Dihoma village and Vilavor Loucii from Zhadima village of Kohima district.

As a close friend through music, today they valued and celebrated the journey of their friendship through this debut album of music.

‘A Phisie Meho’ (Seeing My Footprints Again) has a combination of 9 gospel and love songs.

Overall, this musical album emphasizes the positive aspect of life and also complements the imprints of elders and the love and care of parents, Zhale said.

The show was chaired by Seyiekietuo Kesitsu while Diethometuo Lhoungu, Pastor Associate Pastor CRC Dihoma invoked God’s blessing.

This album was recorded at Aseu Chadi Studio, Kohima.

To access this musical album, contact +91 90895 73671/ 8787526086.

‘Promote Tenyidie Music’

Congratulating the duo for entering the music industry, Dr. Keditsu emphasized the need to promote Tenyidie music.

Congratulating them for having made a good start in Tenyidie music, he asked for the support of supporters to carry them forward.

“Let’s promote it. Promoting them is like promoting ourselves and Tenyidie,” he said.

Talking about the emerging competitiveness in the music industry, he stressed the need to pursue a career in music diligently and professionally.

Informing that Ura Academy has been making huge efforts to promote Tenyidi, Dr. Keditsu expressed his dismay at the minimal form of communication in local dialects by young people, especially in urban areas.

Meanwhile, he appreciated the youths for changing their mindset towards self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency options and called it a positive development.


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