Post Malone Alcohol Journey: Singer says THIS person helped him recover


Post Malone talks about his recent trip with alcohol and how he is recovering from it.

The reflection came days after the release of his fourth studio album, “Twelve Carat Tootache,” which he says was inspired by his grueling journey with alcohol.

Prior to his release, Post Malone is a proud father of his firstborn with his longtime girlfriend, now engaged.

Post Malone explains his journey with alcohol

On an episode of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, Stern asked the “Circles” rapper for more insight into the album’s inspiration — which he learned from Post’s struggle with alcohol.

Responding openly if he’s already sober now, Post Malone said he isn’t. But, he stressed that he is rather “responsible”.

Posty went on to explain how the fight had reached a “really, really, really tough point”, noting that he couldn’t leave the floor for weeks.

Drunk mostly on vodka, Post revealed he even talks to people who “weren’t there.”

Although he revealed he hadn’t received professional help, Post said he had “super nice people” around him who helped him through.

The person in question, who he described as having made him feel like a “human being”, was his then-girlfriend, now engaged, who had remained unknown until now.

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When asked if his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum to get better, the “Sunflower” singer confirmed there was none.

“A lot of times whenever you’re looking for help, or even subconsciously looking for help, it’s not. An ultimatum is always heartbreaking. What should I do. That’s the direction of darkness into light. She saved my fucking life,” Post said.

He also revealed that Justin Bieber at one point tried to help him through the struggle with alcohol, but he ignored the help offered.

“People can look at you from the outside and see that something is wrong, and you can be trapped in your own fucking world. I need to talk a lot less and listen a lot more…I I’m 26 and I’m learning every day,” Malone explained.

Post Malone recently welcomed his daughter into the world, coinciding with the release of “Twelve karat toothache.” The rapper would then go on tour with Roddy Ricch this year in support of the album.

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