Posthumous Chynna album set for release next week


Chynna’s posthumous album, “drug opera”, is due out next week.

According to a press release, the rapper was working on the new version before he passed away last year.

Released on August 20 – a day after what would have been the rapper’s 27th birthday – the statement reads: “Before her death, Chynna was preparing this project and it is with her family’s wishes that the music is released without change in vision. , including the name of the project.

The hardware remains unchanged except for a few “minor production changes” made due to licensing issues.

The announcement, made on Monday August 9, accompanies the release of a new single, titled “Season Depression Pt. 2 ‘.

A sequel to Chynna’s track “Music 2 Die 2,” “Seasonal Depression,” the song, like its predecessor, was produced by Nedarb and Suicideyear.

Listen to the ‘Season Depression Pt. 2’ atmosphere below:

Chynna – full name Chynna Rogers – died in April 2020, at the age of 25, of an accidental drug overdose. His death drew tributes from A $ AP Rocky, Brockhampton and more.

His posthumous debut single, ‘stupkid’ was released on August 19, 2020, which would have been the artist’s 26th birthday.

A second single produced by Kirk Knight, “burnout”, was released earlier this year, marking the first anniversary of Rogers’ untimely death.


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