Puppy eats fan mail from Chilliwack, now Australian children’s singer seeks sender


A popular Australian children’s entertainer is looking for the person in Chilliwack who sent her fan mail after the envelope with the return address was damaged by her pup.

Emma Watkins, singer and former member of children’s musical group The Wiggles, lives in New South Wales and posted a “fan mail Friday” image on her Facebook page where she has 92,000 followers.

“My pup Patch was a little too excited to help me answer some of the lovely mails I’ve received. I’m so, so sorry to whoever sent me this art from Canada,” Watkins wrote.

The photo shows an envelope addressed to Watkins with a hand-colored orange border. The corners of the envelope are chewed up and the sender’s name and part of the address are missing.

What is visible is that the letter was from someone on Henry Street in Chilliwack. The image she posted got almost 600 likes in 18 hours.

Watkins now hopes to find the sender so she can send mail to her fan.

“If this is your letter, please DM me so I can get your name and address to send you something special.”

Watkins is also a dancer and filmmaker. She performed as ‘Yellow Wiggle’ in The Wiggles for nine of her 11 years with the children’s group.

She has been passionate about sign language and raising awareness of Australia’s deaf community since she was young, growing up with her best friend having two deaf brothers.

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