Rapper-Songwriter BI to be First Asian Artist at Grammys’ Global Spin


Rapper-songwriter BI (Grammys Global Spin)

Rapper-songwriter BI will perform in the Grammys’ digital performance series “Global Spin,” according to artist agency IOK Co. He will be the first Asian artist to appear on the music show.

“Global Spin” highlights the diversity of remarkable music from around the world. Each episode of the bi-weekly performance series features performances by artists and groups and celebrates both the creators and their countries of origin.

After receiving the Grammys’ proposal in December, BI participated in the arrangement of a song before filming a live scene for the program. The title of the song has not been released.

The rapper-songwriter released his first full-length album titled “Waterfall” in June of last year. It topped the iTunes album charts in 24 regions around the world. It also landed at the top of the iTunes charts in 15 regions with “Cosmos”, released in November.

BI’s global recognition continued with Time Magazine choosing its album “Waterfall” as the top K-Pop songs and albums of 2021.

Meanwhile, BI’s performance at “Global Spin” will be posted on the official Grammys website and social media platforms at 3 a.m. Wednesday in Korea.

By Jie Ye-eun ([email protected])


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