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When it comes to artistic prowess, of Argentinian origin SIMONE is a fivefold threat. She’s a trained singer, songwriter, and dancer, and she even dabbled in wardrobe design and beat-making, the latter playing a prominent role in her music.

The artist is originally from the Andes Mountains in Argentina, but in 2017 she moved to the shores of Barcelona’s coastline to pursue music full time. While SIMONA’s beats and melodies are lively and upbeat, her Spanish lyrics reflect more complex emotions that keep fans coming back. She credits her grandmother, a poet, for the inspiration behind her nostalgic and introspective verses.

This month, SIMONA reaches even more listeners around the world as Spotify’s EQUAL Ambassador of the Month, part of Spotify EQUAL Global Music Program which aims to address gender disparities in the music industry by amplifying the work of creative women globally. After sharing her music as EQUAL’s Spanish Ambassador, this new role makes SIMONA the face of Spotify EQUAL Worldwide playlist, and her song”SHUT UP,” with Lee Eye and Blackthovenis featured front and center.

For registration asked SIMONA to share more about her musical inspirations and tips for other artists.

The artists who have inspired me the most are __.

I’m so grateful to have grown up listening to the music of great female artists like Rita Lee, Bjork, Mala Rodriguez, Sade, Madonna, Eydie Gorme. As well MIA, solange, Kali Uchis and Yaeji, to name just a few of the contemporary performers who inspire me. And especially my musical friends at home in Argentina, Anyi and LUPE.

One piece of advice I would give to other female artists is __.

Trust your authentic self and your artistic visions. Stay true to your original ideas and be decisive when making decisions about producing your own music. Know that each of us is special and has something unique to show. Honor your ideas and the art you put so much love into.

A notable moment in my career so far is __.

When I co-produced my single”TE VEO“I realized the power of my art by being able to be fully present in the production of my music. I loved the process so much; it gave me a boost of confidence to continue to realize my ideas.

My creative process consists of __.

Listen to what is deep inside me. My creative process is very slow because I like to live it! It doesn’t really happen every day, but when it does, it’s truly magical.

One way I’d like to see more gender equity in the music industry is __.

Establish a quota for female and non-binary or transgender participation in every major music festival. We want to see more women working in all fields: recording studios, record labels, production companies, etc.

Some up-and-coming female artists I can’t wait to see are __.

LUPE, Anyi, Park Hye Jin, Amara, Shy girl . . . Watch out for those girls!

My girl-power anthem right now is __.

Vaca Profana” by Brazilian legend Gal Costa.

Ready to discover SIMONA and other female artists from around the world? Blast Spotify’s EQUAL Global playlist here.


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