Singer Khalid talks with ‘Audacy Check In’ about new album and inspiration


In the podcast show for Audacity Music, Audacy Check-In, singer-songwriter Khalid sitting with Julia to discuss the inspiration for his song “New Normal”, from his third studio album, Everything is changing.

Khalid first performed “New Normal” live at Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 Spaceflight in July 2021 – a moment he found surreal! The song is a dreamy ballad of personal growth and progress. Speaking to Julia, Khalid said his midlife helped him regain a sense of normalcy which led to the song’s creation.

“This song is such a personal song for me because I feel like through the quarantine process and finding a sense of normalcy throughout the chaos, this song blew in on me,” he told Julia. “When I started this project, I was wondering what I’m writing about, what story am I telling? I just have to be honest with myself about the frustration I was going through. No matter what we go through, it’s only temporary, and we all go through it. This song for me is my personal gift to my fans, letting them know that I relate to you, here I am.

The song clip shows Khalid at his home as an army of drones deliver packages. After which, he takes care of the plants that surround him, in a scene that perfectly portrays the tranquility amidst chaos and fear.

Almost two years after the release of his second album Free spirit. Everything is changing follows the subtle melodies and vocal maneuvers heard in the track “New Normal”. After listening to the single, he realized that the song’s message embodied what he thought the album represented.

“You’ve found your way, but it’s never enough // Because everything changes.”

“It used to be called something else, not really that important, but I played the music for my team, and we sat down and listened to ‘New Normal’, and the lyrics ‘everything changes’ sounded so much, and I felt who embodied the album the most… I saw the growth from the moment I started the album until the moment I was in the finishing stages, ”he said. .

Speaking of the song’s inspiration, which set the tone for the rest of the album, the Grammy-nominated artist gave credit to a California hotspot: Joshua tree.

“My trip to Joshua Tree,” he said. Adding this, “To be in Joshua Tree for the first time, to be in the middle of the desert, and to see the stars in the desert.” I have never seen such bright stars in my life… some songs take a day, others a week. Everything is sporadic for me.

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