Singer Molly Mary Mahoney will release her second album, MY COUSIN COLE: PITTER, PATTER…PORTER!


Cabaret, classical and crossover singer Molly Mary Mahoney’s second album will be released this spring. It’s a tribute to his distant cousin Cole Porter. The lead single, “All of You”, debuted on Valentine’s Day 2022 as a digital download for sale on her website. She also plans to release a few singles on major streaming platforms in the coming months.

COVID was an impetus for the album, titled “My Cousin Cole: Pitter, patter… Porter!” With no performance opportunities during the worst of the coronavirus, Molly began planning and imagining her return to the stage, as well as her next full outing. She dove into the album, noting, “I found out many years ago that my distant cousin is Cole Porter and always had it in my mind that I wanted to showcase his music someday.”

Molly is also excited about her upcoming tour: “This album and the upcoming tour means so much to me and is a natural progression for me artistically. I love being able to create a show and deliver it in a way that seems authentic to me.” Molly is a true crossover artist. She is proud of the eclectic style of her first tour, adding, “My first cabaret show Mischief! which toured in 2019 was really the culmination of my work on the opera and musical theater stage, and my love of music. big band.” The tour and the album will continue to build on this foundation.

Molly recalls: “Growing up, there was always music in the house. My parents are both singers, and my dad plays guitar and piano. We often sang in three-part harmony. Sometimes my brothers even joined them.” Later, the family would even form their own big band, which Molly would play with throughout high school and college.

Her talents stood out to her family and at the age of ten she came to the attention of a big band leader in a very public way. Molly said: “My mum sang with a big band in New York and was trying to get the leader of the band to hear me sing. He was quite reluctant since I was only 10, but one night when from a concert, he called me on stage.”

It was a defining and critical moment in Molly’s career that she remembers fondly, recalling, “I sang ‘All of Me’ with a 19-piece big band and it was amazing! He hired me there and I was a regular with them. .”

Molly points out that she’s always been a fan of Porter, but the deep dive she took after learning about their genetic connection really inspired her: “When I started reading his biographies and researching his musical canon more , I was overwhelmed with how prolific her was! I knew I had to reduce my focus a bit. In keeping with the time of year, she chose to focus on love songs.

Molly recreates and retouches Porter’s compositions for the 21st century, and goes all out to get it right. Its pianist and arranger, Joshua Hegg, adds: “The compositions themselves are full of emotional meaning.

What really brings her into this century is Molly’s personal connection to Porter. It inspires her to know that she has such talent in her blood, and that knowledge moved the conception and creation of the album. Joshua sums it up by saying, “Now, with the benefit of nearly 100 years since Porter put pen to paper, we are highlighting new aspects heard with a modern ear.”

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Photo credits: Via Molly’s website


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