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Things are moving very fast for Bostonian singer-songwriter Annie Cheevers.

And you will soon know Annie Cheevers. Many Boston music fans believe her June 9 performance when she opens a show for headliner Steve Rondo at Brighton Music Hall will be a jumping-off point for her rising career and is on the brink of celebrity.

Bostonian singer-songwriter
Annie Cheevers leaves for a
brilliant career start
and will perform live
June 9 at Brighton
Music hall.

Tickets are selling out fast as fans and friends are excited to see Annie perform in person at a major venue after the COVID-19 pandemic derailed live shows for much of the past two years.

If you grew up and lived in Chelsea in the 1970s and 1980s, you most likely know who Annie’s mother is: Maria Schneiderman Cheevers. Maria was Chelsea High School’s class secretary of 1981, a cheerleader, active in community service projects and political campaigns, and known for her warmth and sunny personality. She stays in touch with her friends at Chelsea and will join her classmates when they meet again in June at the Chelsea Yacht Club.

Maria, who is married to Boston Police Sergeant Joseph Cheevers, is justifiably proud of her daughter’s meteoric career and enormous talent. She said her daughter’s affinity for music started early in her childhood.

“Being exposed to a wide range of musical styles from an early age, in our home; Annie was fascinated by the power and beauty that music can bring to ordinary moments in life,” said Maria. “When Annie started singing at age 9, we knew she had a natural talent, but it wasn’t until high school that she felt comfortable singing in front of others.”

Perform at local venues

Annie said she has been active in the music scene since 2019, performing at Boston establishments and local events.

“Over the past year, I’ve done more shows with original music,” Annie said. “This is the first time I’ve released my own music.”

She will release four songs in the next few weeks, then release a full EP on June 8.

“I feel like I’m at the start of an independent career and creating more music,” Annie said.

His long-awaited EP will be called “Big Kid”, which is the name of the first song that caught the attention of his fans. Other songs on the EP include “My City”, “Like Children”, and “Table Full of Angels”.

“The song ‘My City’ is about Boston, South Boston in particular,” Annie explained. “I hope it’s a song that a lot of people can relate to. It’s more about growing up and seeing how much Boston has changed. The whole EP is like a love letter or an ode to my friends and family and my childhood in Boston.

Annie Cheevers considers herself “a singer-songwriter” who offers indie-folk music but also rock-pop.

A South Carolina Graduate

Annie Cheevers attended Mount Saint Joseph Academy for three years before the school merged with Saint Joseph Prep.

“As a senior, I went to Saint Joseph Prep and was a member of the first class,” she said.

Annie is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she received her degree in political science in 2017.

“Like my mother, I think I will always be very involved in politics and advocacy work,” said Annie, who is 26. “I studied environmental policy [at USC] but now I work in the mental health field as a community connector, helping adults connect to resources and reintegrate into the community. I am also a yoga teacher and a musician.

Credit a mentor

Annie co-wrote the songs for her EP with Brendan Little, who also produced the album. “I feel like he’s been a huge mentor to me over the years,” said Annie, who plays guitar. “I really trust him, and he’s been a great mentor. I took my first guitar lessons with him. He gave me responsibility as a teacher, and that was a game-changer for me.

Annie said the pandemic has allowed her to focus more on her music.

“I wrote two of the songs on the EP during the pandemic, and the other two I wrote before it started,” Annie said. “I just practiced and wrote music constantly. Silence and time alone were really important to my growth and where I am now.

The Chelsea Connection

Chelsea Councilor Leo Robinson said he would lead a contingent of family and friends to Annie’s show on June 9.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Robinson said. “Maria Schneiderman meant so much to our community growing up and was a role model for young people, and it’s great to see her daughter chasing her dreams. I met Annie, she is a wonderful person and I wish her a lot of success in her career.

Maria Schneiderman Cheevers will no doubt have many friends in the audience for Annie’s show.

“It’s been an exciting journey, even knowing that this EP is only her first,” Maria said. “We look forward to witnessing and supporting the work ahead of her, as she is a talented writer and singer.”

Annie said her parents have been a tremendous source of support and inspiration.

“My dad is pretty much a quiet guy, and he gives signs of encouragement and praise, and my mom was always like, ‘you’re going to be famous,’ and I appreciate their support so much,” Annie said. “It’s hard to imagine music as a full-time career, which would be amazing if that could happen.”


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