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More and more artists are deciding to turn their lives into a marketing strategy. Their songs become a reflection of what is going on in their life and their life becomes monetizable.

Engagements, pregnancies, family news… have become a source of inspiration for artists of all musical genres, who end up using their personal stories as marketing for the release of their singles.

The most recent case is that of Colombian Camilo and his wife Evaluna, daughter of Ricardo Montaner, who announced the pregnancy of their first Indigo baby with a song of the same name on Wednesday, October 13.

The couple have long kept the news a secret and created a whole wait campaign on social media with short, catchy videos accompanying the song’s chorus.

“Hello, we are Camilo and Evaluna. And in October there is new music,” the two wrote on their Instagram accounts alongside a video where they appear to be testing different musical equipment. While playing the clip, you can hear snippets of what their new song would be like, the lyrics of how the love of their life came to be, a song in the voices of both. “Because he entered my life, the love of my life, I only asked for the one from above, but with you he went too far,” the chorus continues.

Fans of this couple have been keeping tabs on the release, taking the video to a million plays in the first two hours of its premiere. In the video, you can see how Camilo strokes his wife’s belly and cries with joy when Evaluna shows her the positive pregnancy test.

The big news was announced by Evaluna when she sang: “Contigo ya no hay martes 13, prepara el cachete pa ‘que te lo bese. Y es que lo bueno toma tiempo a veces, yo tuve que esperarte nueve meses”. At the end of the sentence, the screen shows how Camilo gives him a kiss on the stomach, followed by several live images of his family members’ reactions to learning the news.

Indigo ‘is not the Colombian singer-songwriter’s first song about his life as a couple. In ‘Medialuna’ he tells the story of his court with Evaluna and has 45 million reproductions, ‘Por primera vez’ tells of his marriage (428 million), ‘Favorito’ his honeymoon (451 million) and ‘Vida de rico ‘the purchase of their first home together (645 million).

Camilo’s marketing strategy, like that of many other contemporary artists, is to be able to make his followers feel identified with his songs, which are truly a brief account of his everyday life told through social media.

Real songs

With the rise of social media and the immediacy of the Internet, artists are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with their followers and tell their daily lives, so that they can relate to the stories they find. ‘they tell in their songs.

The proper use of digital platforms allows artists to continue to grow with their music and create greater popularity in the medium.

Puerto Rican singer Residente released a song titled by his name René that chronicles his life as a young island boy who suffered from hunger and depression in his youth. This song has garnered 200 million views on YouTube to date.

Another case in the music industry is that of pop superstar Justin Bieber, who dedicated much of his album Purpose to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, most notably the song ‘Love Yourself’ (1, 6 billion plays) which tells how the young woman took advantage of the relationship to achieve a certain status in the music industry, as Bieber recounts in her lyrics.

Leaving music to enter the world of fashion, spotlight and modeling, one family that has really learned how to market in their life is the Kardashian-Jenner family. This family, which owes much of its fame to Kim Kardashian, is considered one of the richest in Hollywood and owes its fame to being famous, as Elizabeth Paquette explains in her text ‘The Marketing of Fame ‘.

“Kim is just one example of a celebrity who is“ famous for being famous. ”In a sense, her notoriety runs on a loop: She’s famous because she’s talked a lot and she’s talked a lot because she is. famous, etc. ”, explains Paquette.

In 2000, Kim Kardashian starred in a porn video with her rapper boyfriend Ray-J. The video leaked online and began to put the 20-year-old in the spotlight.

After the scandal, Kardashian started to stand out and in October 2007, along with her sisters, mother and stepfather, she created her own reality show on E! Entertainment titled ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. The series has aired for twenty seasons and nine spin-offs, leaving Kim, after 20 seasons, with an accumulated net worth so far of $ 1.2 billion.


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