South African entrepreneur Sibusiso Zwane creates app to help artists market music


Sibusiso Zwane is a self-taught information technology specialist who created an application, Sawubona musical jam, to help local artists, young and old, to market their music and develop their brands.


The world of technology is where it is and Sibusiso is making its mark with Sawubona musical jam.

Sowetan Live reported that the app allows the artist to download music, stream live performances, stream downloaded music, and it also gives them a platform to interact.

Sibusiso launched the lit app in June 2021, a moment of pride for the young entrepreneur. It is available for download from the Google Play Store.


Sibusiso came across a place called Sawubona musical jam in Soweto. The place offers emerging artists and poets a platform to perform and promote their brands for free.


Seeing this, the tech-savvy entrepreneur thought it would be a good idea to make this platform accessible to everyone… so he created an app.

“I realized that I could create a bigger platform for them and I broadcast the event live for people even outside of Soweto to enjoy the music. Some of these artists are coming while that others are established but do not get reservations.

“That way we can present them to a large audience. They have a platform to showcase their talent and stream their music. The platform is also local.

Sibusiso Zwane


Absolutely anyone can be part of the Sawubona musical jam fam. All you have to do is download the app and register.

Being part of the community allows you to do your thing as an artist or just support artists on the platform. It’s for everyone.

To take it a step further, Sibusiso and his team have now made it possible for members to download music at a super reasonable cost.

Sibusiso does not take all the money for himself, he also gives part of it to the artist. What an awesome app proudly Mzansi!

“We just added a component that allows users to download downloaded music. Everyone benefits, whether the music is streaming or downloading. As a platform, we take our own percentage. When we broadcast the concert live, we share the money earned through the streaming. We have high definition content where people pay R50 and ultra high definition content where people pay R100.

“We have loyal members who pay monthly for premium content. With their music downloads, the artists themselves download their music and open an account where the money will go. When someone has downloaded their music, the money which is their percentage goes straight to their account. Whereas as a platform we get ours, which is the agreed percentage, directly into our account. We cut the man in the middle… which is the record companies in this regard.

Sibusiso Zwane


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