Spiral Stairs Announce New Album Medley Attack!! For July 2022 release, shares new single “Pressure Drop”


Spiral Stairs Announce New Album Medley Attack!!  For the July 2022 release, share the new single

In his last work since 2019 We want to be hypnotizedScott Kannberg as Spiral Stairs revealed an upcoming album – Attack Medley!! – scheduled for July 9, 2022. In anticipation and for the promotion of the album, Kannberg released a single, “Pressure Drop”, and an accompanying music video.

Watch the video here:

The genesis of the new album followed what Kannberg thought was his musical bow. In a statement, Kannberg said: “I did my last shows in London in 2019, and I had this great show and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really want to perform after that’… is awesome, it’s a good way to end.Shortly after the tour ended however, Kannberg found himself working on another album.

The path of craftsmanship Attack Medley!! was difficult, even though the album became a love letter to rock ‘n’ roll and Kannberg’s friend. Among the major events in his life, Matt Harris – Kannberg’s friend and band member of a host of bands including Oranger, Overwhelming Colorfast and The Posies – is dead in February 2021.

Discuss Attack Medley!! and his ties to Harris, Kannberg said, “So the focus of the album ended up being kind of on my love of rock ‘n’ roll, but also my love of friendship and my love for this guy Matt who was there from day one of my solo careers… He was always my guy who was my sounding board – he played on Monsoon, the first Preston School Of Industry record – but he was always there and I always played him my new songs before everyone else. His loss is indescribable, but I tried.

He also has mentioned“It’s definitely the weirdest and hardest record to make, but I think I like it the best, really. I think those are my best lyrics – they’re pretty dark, but they’re pretty honest and they tell stories a little bit more than they used to. And originally it was really going to be a stripped down swansong record – I really didn’t want to involve a bunch of people – but I ended up asking many of my closest friends and people I admire for helping me out and I couldn’t be more proud of the results. It kind of made me want to make more records!

Fans can get a taste of the new album with the single “Pressure Drop [End of the Hurricane]and its playful video. The music video is ultimately a lyrical video, with each line pasted into a speech bubble to imply that the characters (a cheetah and an antelope) are having a conversation.

The first line is said by the cheetah, then it switches to the antelope: “It was the end of the hurricane/And the rain turns to showers/And our love is still the same/Well the memories, they last a lifetime/ Aren’t memories just a game we play?”

Attack Medley!! Track list

1. “Too Late”
2. “Mole”
3. “Baron please -> Attack Medley!! [Blitzkrieg]”
4. “Petrified”
5. “Pressure drop [End Of The Hurricane]”
6. “Hi ’70”
7. “Dry Country”
8. “Time = Because”
9. “Escaped”



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