Tech student recreates Taylor Swift album covers with photos of graduates


Addie Leonard took high profile portraits to recreate the Taylor Swift album cover anthology.

Addie Leonard admits that she’s a bit of a Swiftie.

“My dad got tickets for me and my friends for the Speak Now World Tour.” And since then, she has been addicted to the music of Taylor Swift. “I listen to it pretty much every time I walk around campus. “

So, as Leonard finished her final civil engineering classes at Georgia Tech, she decided to commemorate her time with a tribute to her favorite artist. With the help of a classmate skilled in photography, she took photos to replicate all of Swift’s album covers.

“I knew what most of them looked like from memory,” she explained.

Leonard says she wanted to do something different and fun with her photos. She also noticed how many people on campus recognized her from the album cover remakes, as they were shared on social media.

As for the album she listens to the most, she says it’s Reputation. “The songs make me feel tough, like I can do anything,” she said.

And the Taylor Swift track that sums up her time here at Tech is “Long Live”. “It’s a song about remembering all the times you had with your friends and how you got by leaning on each other. Leonard says it’s his release song. And upon graduation, she boldly steps into a new role at Jones Carter, a Texas-based civil engineering, planning and surveying company.


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